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How to Outsource Sales to the Philippines

In Business Process Outsourcing, businesses can choose talent with the right technical expertise, and build a dedicated team of outsourced employees who have highly specialized skills perfect for providing industry-specific business support.

One type of business process outsourcing is Sales Outsourcing. Sales Outsourcing is the process of assigning sales activities to an external third-party provider.

Typically, companies use sales outsourcing when they want to expand offshore, have a new product campaign, and need to meet sales goals, but need to maintain control on the operations and continuous monitoring and tracking of deliverables.

The number of employed persons in the Philippines reached about 44 million in 2021, an increase of about 4.59 million people from the previous year.

Businesses planning to outsource can choose from a large talent pool of employees who have worked for large multinational companies and business process outsourcing companies. When outsourcing offshore to destinations such as the Philippines, you have access to a huge talent pool where you can find experienced outsourced staff to fill in sales roles. You can hire experienced staff and assign them to specific functions within the sales process.

Companies outsource to reduce average costs. In Sales Outsourcing, you can meet sales goals at a lower overhead and labor cost.

Outsource Sales to the Philippines: What functions can I outsource?

There are a lot of roles you can outsource to a Sales outsourcing team in the Philippines. Depending on the existing business operations and agreement between the provider, you can either outsource specific sales functions or outsource the entire sales pipeline.

Your outsourced sales support can identify qualified leads for you. Lead generation and list building are important functions in identifying qualified customers. Outsourced Sales Support specialists assist you in finding leads. This includes reaching out to leads through electronic mail, fax, chat, video and other forms of direct interaction.

Aside from this, Outsourced Sales Support also provide outbound calling services to qualified leads. Sales Outsourcing support staff can help manage incoming phone calls and meeting call quota. The dedicated outsourced team can also track the volume and average handling time and of calls. Sales Support Agents also provide Customer Relationship Management with the use of call center software.

Other specific functions that you can outsource are follow-ups, quoting, and other outbound services.

Outsourcing Sales can let you meet target sales growth goals. You can manage the growing customer demand and high call volumes with Sales Outsourcing. Outsourced Sales Support can help convert leads into customers. Outsourced sales agents are responsible in making outbound calls for growing the customer base and closing deals.

Cloud connectivity training sessions and cloud-based collaboration and connectivity tools make it easier to outsourcing sales functions to a dedicated outsourced sales team. Managing and training outsourced sales support agents include the use of cloud platforms, CRM software and other cloud services. Connext Global Solutions is capable of working with and integrating current systems and software clients use in their customer service processes. Connext can also co-manage Sales outsourcing staff for you and help with the setup of the system access, work schedule, quality plans, and training manuals of your outsourced staff.

Other common transactional support services that companies can also outsource aside from sales functions are things like Customer Service, Data Entry, Accounting, IT Help Desk, and other back-office support services.

Connext Global Solutions provides excellent and scalable Sales Outsourcing Solutions.

  • 60% Client’s Average Cost Reduction
  • 98%Work Retention
  • 100%Client Retention Rate
  • 6+ Years handling Information
  • 0 Information or Security Incidents

Outsource to Connext and receive Sales Outsourcing support from the company’s experienced talent pool of sales support agents.

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