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Remote Work Compliance in Remote Staffing  

The article aims to discuss the role of compliance requirements in remote staffing.

Pre-pandemic, businesses expected that in five years 38% of their remote workforce would be fully remote, while today they expect 58% to be fully remote in five years.

Partnering with a remote staffing provider means building a relationship and establishing a level of trust. A business process outsourcing provider should adhere to proper technical and management capabilities, data regulations and industry and location-specific compliance policies, and operating controls to keep up with your business process and ensure excellent service delivery and offshoring management.

Compliance can range from auditing processes, operational controls, industry-leading digital security systems such as user desktop monitoring to cybersecurity software implementation. Compliance to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy should be met by offshore teams in all aspects critical to the business. Businesses need to be assured that their remote staffing provider meets compliance requirements, from staffing requirements, operating systems, tools, processes, schedules, quality checks, and pricing.

The perfect remote staffing provider understands the responsibility of properly securing confidential or private data entrusted to them. Compliance covers implementing and reinforcing financial data confidentiality, conducting database backups.

One such compliance is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act which is specific to U.S. Medical and Healthcare transactions. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance is a standard set by the HIPAA for protecting patient data. Companies that handle sensitive patient data and information need to be HIPAA compliant and have operating and network controls in place.

Another compliance is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards for U.S. banking and Finance-related concerns & transactions, and the System and Organization Controls, created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to ensure customer data protection.

With industry-leading digital security systems, compliance requirements and processes paired alongside an experienced management team, your data is secure with Connext Global Solutions.

Connext helps manage a client’s team as if it was theirs and makes sure the performance matches or exceeds that of your local teams. Proper operating controls and are in place to effectively protect the interests, confidentiality and data of clients.

Connext Global Solutions is SOC-2 Certified and HIPAA Compliant and can manage data securely and protect the interests of their clients. The company has met compliance requirements and auditing processes such as security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Connext Global Solutions is also PCI-DSS compliant. The company has met requirements intended to ensure that cardholder data is secure. Connext Global Solutions is compliant in auditing processes, data security and privacy, availability, processing integrity, operational controls, to compliance in industry-leading digital security systems.

Lessen overhead with Connext Global Solutions to handle the people, facilities, rent, utilities, compliance and systems while allowing the client to own what is most important and unique to your business, specific systems and business processes and unlock business growth.

Connext Global Solutions is equipped with secure state of the art monitoring and technology to support cloud-based connectivity platforms and systems to ensure seamless operations across servers. The company is equipped with industry-leading digital security systems and processes:

Connext Global Solutions provides excellent remote staffing solutions that add value and unlock client growth. Outsource with Connext today.