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How Outsourcing AI adds Business Value

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the use of technology and learning techniques such as algorithms to assimilate analytical, problem-solving, and judgment skills of a human mind. Today, business operations in which AI can be applied are:

  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare
  • Sales
  • Data Entry
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Recruitment
  • More

How Outsourcing AI adds Business Value

Businesses can either choose to develop AI capabilities in-house or to outsource to an external provider.

In Business Process Outsourcing, the provider performs a service for the end customer. Businesses can hire outsourced staff or a dedicated team of employees who have highly specialized skills, in this case AI or artificial intelligence, to provide operational support for the business.

Outsourcing AI is a good option that must be considered by businesses that want to save on upfront costs on hardware, software, maintenance, as well as costs of running an office space such as rent or utilities.

When planning to outsource AI services to an external business process outsourcing provider, the organization must determine its AI needs and discuss with the provider the scope of the project, objectives, pain points, pricing model, terms, and requirements. There are outsourcing providers that offer outsourced AI support on a per-project basis, or long-term basis depending on the client needs.

Outsourcing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to an external third-party provider with the right capabilities allows businesses to improve existing processes that can be digitally optimized or even automated to improve business operations.

When it comes to customer service, for example, customers expect you to respond to their questions, regardless of whether they are located in the same country or are in the same time zone as yours.

According to Salesforce, 64% of customers want to shop with companies that can meet their needs in real-time.

As a result, most businesses require a comprehensive solution to effectively handle all customer queries. One way for a businesses be more effective in providing customer service by utilizing the services of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot.

This can be achieved by outsourcing Artificial Intelligence (AI) developers. Outsourced AI developers create and program AI apps suitable for enterprise use cases. In fact, around 64% of all companies now outsource their entire software development process.

Think of outsourced AI developers as staff with technical expertise who will work directly with customers to properly assist and provide technical support. They have up-to-date knowledge and technical awareness and can provide timely customized support on technical or application concerns. Outsourced AI developers have a technical understanding of support tools, techniques, and how technology is used to provide IT services.

Outsourcing AI developers can help businesses with their operations since AI Developers figure out the best way to build an app according to the client’s specifications with the use of programming languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, Python, R and Scala and have solid knowledge and experience in programming applications. Before the product launch, these developers work with QA testers to perform unit and integration testing to ensure the software adheres to client specifications.

Outsourced teams can be tasked to program or develop a chatbot that can provide 24/7 customer support. AI provides self-service options which is a convenient way to address customer issues.

Businesses that use chatbots reported a 70% reduction in call, chat, and/or email queries.

An AI chatbot can also be programmed to assist customers on making purchases or providing preprogrammed responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) such as operating hours, contact details or recommended offers, products or services. Aside from this, chatbots can also provide troubleshooting.

Outsourcing AI can improve response and turnaround times which improves response times, customer service and meet sales targets.

Aside from providing round-the-clock customer service, outsourcing AI can improve data management and analysis.

Businesses with repetitive functions such as accounting and recruitment firms need accurate and updated data that is readily available and error-free. These types of firms mostly rely on centralized data syncing and reports generation. These tasks can be automated with the help of outsourcing AI to an assigned provider with specializations in AI expertise, tools and software.

Businesses can use AI for fast data extraction for invoice, data syncing, data extraction. and management for reports generation. This significantly helps business by generating accurate financial report. Predictive analytics allows businesses to generate forecast reports based on data for future insights for actionable solutions.

These are just some ways outsourcing AI can add value to businesses.

Connext Global Solutions provides customized Technological and AI outsourcing solutions. Outsource highly qualified team members with high level technical skills.

Industries Connext Caters to:

1. Healthcare Providers

2. Distribution

3. Telecommunications

4. Title and Escrow

5. Property Management

6. Accounting

7. Banking

8. Technology

9. E-Commerce

10. Retail

11. Construction

12. Professional Employer Organization

13. Insurance

The company has a full team of developers, designers, and engineers to support a wide variety of technical projects and roles. These roles and projects include but are not limited to:

  • Website Developer: Web developers provide front end, back end, or full stack development of a company’s website. Web developers are critical in marketing strategy. Hire a dedicated person to administer your website, build new landing pages, create new demand generation avenues, etc.
  • Webmaster: Outsourced Webmasters ensure that your content-based applications or websites are up and running and up to date.
  • Software Engineer: Software Engineers provide development, identify key product features and can work with your in-house software development team and other software experts to set specifications for new software and design/build software based on product specifications.
  • Mobile Applications Developer: Offshore mobile application developers can provide  technical expertise in customizable app development for end-use industries.      
  • Technical Support Engineer: Technical Support Engineers are responsible in ensuring proper technical assistance troubleshooting or configuration support for issues regarding computer systems, hardware, and software applications.
  • System/Network Administrator: They design, set up, and maintain a network of computers, including hardware, software, and system architecture.
  • Network Engineer: Network Engineers provide support on networks configuration maintenance, network enabling services, and systems to assure compliance with the security policies to ensure smooth service activation.
  • AI Developer: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developers create AR apps or programs suitable for enterprise use cases.
  • AR/VR Developer: VR and AR Developers are capable of translating real-world concepts and interactions into VR and AR. They have high proficiency in AR and VR hardware and software.
  • Technical Consultants: Offshore Technical Consultants in the Philippines will work directly with customers to properly assist and provide technical support.
  • And more       

Outsource AI and Tech services to Connext today.

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