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The accounting industry is evolving, and this is primarily brought about by trends such as automation, cloud connectivity, and data analytics. In order to remain competitive in the industry, it is important for businesses, especially those providing finance and accounting services, to keep up with these trends.
A great way for finance and accounting companies to keep up with these trends, improve operations, and reduce costs while maintaining high-quality standards is through outsourcing.
Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) can also provide access to specialized skills and expertise that would be difficult or expensive to acquire through hiring in-house. Partnering with a recognized service provider can help finance and accounting businesses stay ahead of the evolving landscape.

A Trusted Partner with Recognized Excellence

Connext Global Solutions, a high growth business process outsourcing provider specializing in finance and accounting services is once again acknowledged on a global scale.

Connext Global Solutions emerges as a trusted high growth offshore finance and accounting services partner. As of November 06, 2023, Connext proudly holds the esteemed title of an ‘Aspirant’ in Everest Group’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing PEAK Matrix®Assessment 2023. The PEAK Matrix® delivers an impartial, data-driven evaluation of service and technology providers, considering their comprehensive capability and market influence across various global services markets.

The inclusion of Connext Global Solutions as an  Aspirant  in the  Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023 means that Connext as a service provider demonstrates the potential to become a Major Contender or Leader in the FAO market. Aspirants have a strong market presence, a growing client base, and a solid portfolio of services and solutions. 

A Commitment to Excellence and Growth

This recognition is a demonstration of the company’s growing potential within the FAO industry, and its unwavering commitment in providing optimal outcome and innovative growth to its clients.
Aside from landing the designation of ‘Aspirant’ in Everest Group’s Finance and Accounting (FAO) Outsourcing Operations – Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023, Connext has other several industry awards. For two years in a row, Connext is officially Great Place to Work® Certified and is currently included in the list of INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.

Unparalleled Expertise

Connext Global Solutions offers unparalleled expertise in screening, recruiting top-tier talent, and training and retaining dedicated staff with technical expertise in accounting, metrics, reports generation and data analysis.

Connext helps growing companies build custom, dedicated nearshore support teams designed to enable client growth. Over the years, Connext has been able to grow their client base, as well as the business of several clients, and at the same time the clients have been able to increase the number of Finance and Accounting tasks they are able to outsource.

Since 2014, the company has provided remote staffing and outsourcing services and enabled the growth of over 150 clients through highly talented remote staff, white-glove account management, work tools, operating facilities, systems, automation and targeted process improvement. Aside from the Philippines, the company has recently expanded its operations to Latin America.

With Connext Global Solutions as a trusted partner, building your scalable offshore or nearshore accounting team is a strategic investment in the growth of your business. The company’s expert offshore accounting teams seamlessly provide day-to-day accounting support that is tailored to your needs, effectively assimilating the effectiveness of in-house departments.

Connext Global Solutions lets you gain enhanced control over your finance and accounting processes, allowing you to redirect your focus and grow your business.

With Connext Global Solutions, you can experience recognized expertise and elevate your financial goals. Partner with Connext Global Solutions today.

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