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The article discusses some of the common Data Entry Outsourcing roles.

Data Entry Outsourcing: What Data Entry Roles Can I Outsource?

Data entry tasks are important and must be processed properly and accurately. However, these functions have high volume and usually pile up and take most of the time of businesses.

Business process outsourcing enables the delegation of business processes such as data entry services. These businesses can increase efficiency and productivity by partnering with outsourcing providers that offer Data Entry Outsourcing.

Data Entry Outsourcing is the process of assigning the Data Entry function to an external third-party provider. Businesses can assign administrative tasks such as regularly managing, organizing, and updating relevant data using database applications.

Businesses can find qualified outsourced Data entry staff with excellent time management skills and solid organizational skills.

Outsourcing Data Entry Specialists helps improve business operations by assigning data filing and performing other routine clerical tasks.

Generally, Data Entry Specialists file accurate and updated data that are easily to access in a database, meeting large volumes of data entry in a timely and systematic manner.

There are different kinds of Data Entry Specialists based on industry.

The primary industries that hire data entry clerks are staffing and outsourcing (15%), technology (10%), and banking and finance (9%).

To give you an idea of what role to assign to your outsourced staff, read more for Data Entry Outsourcing Roles:

Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting is scheduling corporate meetings and appointments of management teams.

In business process outsourcing, outbound customer service support covers appointment setting by scheduling initial meetings and appointments between sales staff and leads.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is one of the commonly outsourced functions in Business Process Outsourcing. It is an important function in building and growing the client base.

Your Outsourced Lead Generation specialists assist you in finding leads and identifying qualified leads. Outsourced Lead generation specialists can identify qualified customers through market research. This includes building lists of potential prospects, data entry and collection for new prospects, organizing data, and monitoring productivity reports.

Order Payment and Processing

In Customer Service Outsourcing, Back-office Support Specialists can assist customers on payments and order processing concerns. Inbound customer service outsourcing specialists can assist incoming calls from customers in need of support in order completion.

Transaction Processing

Transaction Processing is the management of data uploaded in internal processing systems.

This includes the input upon receipt, status update, verification and, proofreading of upcoming relevant data.

Transaction Processors are responsible for reviewing and entering new sales into the internal database. They also read and interpret data on scanned contracts/instructions and any other supporting documents and send out electronic copies of the order documents to clients and other parties involved. They regularly track, review and update the order and other documents or agreements if required.


Outsourced bookkeepers can provide accurate data entry, technical expertise and cash flow management. They provide proper and effective accounts receivable and accounts payable data entry, and documentation to make sure the payments owed by the company and owed to that same company are paid properly and on time.  

Outsourced Bookkeepers are highly capable of generating financial reports such as billing and invoice reports and provide financial reporting and financial statements to make sure accounts are properly recorded and included. Aside from this, they also provide bank reconciliation, invoice and billing verification and management, conduct invoice checks and verifications, and ensure data reports are free from errors.

Invoice Upload Specialist

Outsourced Invoice Upload Specialists provide timely and diligent collection of provider data in invoices and reports and uploading of these reports into the system for processing. They also provide the translation of invoice information.

Invoice Upload Specialists provide complete reports and maintain other documentation relating to uploads.

Outsourced Invoice Upload Specialists ensure full and timely communication with the customers, company, delivery managers and other users/departments of the company in order to perform assigned tasks.

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists provide documentation support by transcribing medical reports.

They have attention to details and active listening skills.

Medical Billing Specialist

One administrative function that requires attention to detail and effort, taking up most of the time of healthcare providers, is medical billing.

Accurate data entry is provided by Medical Billing specialists. The dedicated outreach specialists process confidential medical documents and accounts creation.

They obtain information or customer data and assist to collect and analyze all information is complete They make follow-up calls to respective insurance companies via inbound and outbound calling for collecting payments and insurance verification, Claims Audit, and Claims Follow-up appointments if required.

participate in all quality assessment activities and assist to collect and analyze all information

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are skilled in scheduling (e.g. Google Calendar), communications, clerical and documentation tasks.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants provide general back-office support such as scheduling meetings via online calendars such as Google Calendar, managing corporate schedules, making travel plans and issuing invoices, payment posting, data entry, bookkeeping, and various clerical tasks, such as answering emails, managing a contact list, preparing customer spreadsheets and keeping online records, organizing managers’ calendars, and typing memos or screening emails.

Property Management

Data entry support ranges from Document management, maintenance of Listing Updates, rental listing management, invoice and billing processing, Maintenance of invoices and Lease adjustments/requests.

Connext provides customized and highly flexible offshore staffing solutions designed to supplement onshore client staff with highly qualified, but lower cost offshore team members personally selected by the client.

With Connext, clients can build a team of:

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  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Customer Experience Professionals
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Web Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • IT Help Desk or Service Desk Support
  • And More

Organizations can also build custom cross functional offshore teams which they can scale up or down as they see fit.

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