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Customer Service Outsourcing: Inbound Call Center Services

89% of consumers are more likely to make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. (Salesforce Research) Call centers provide customer support and contribute to customer experience. A type of call center is an inbound call center that receives incoming calls from customers. Read on for types of inbound call center services that you can delegate to your customer service outsourcing provider:

Types of Inbound Call Center Services

Technical and Service Support

Customer Service Outsourcing lets you work with talents that have the right technical customer service expertise. Your customer service outsourcing provider should be able to remotely support cloud-based helpdesk software with built-in ticketing systems, support portals, and call and chat routing that can transfer queries to customer service specialists and technical experts who can provide assistance to efficient handling and issue resolution of customer concerns. Experienced IT Help Desk Support Specialists can provide expert technical customer service outsourcing support troubleshooting and configuration support for computer systems, hardware, and software application issues and providing technical stakeholder support to resolve technical faults. Connext Global Solutions is a customer service outsourcing provider with the capability to integrate your active customer service software or preferred customer service software. You can outsource services to experienced Support Specialists responsible for customer-facing support requests such as troubleshooting or break/fix and configuration support for computer systems, hardware, and software application issues and providing technical stakeholder support to resolve technical issues.

Order Payment and Processing

In Customer Service Outsourcing, Back-office Support Specialists can assist customers on payments and order processing concerns. Inbound customer service outsourcing specialists can assist incoming calls from customers in need of support in order completion.

Plan or subscription renewals

There are customer service outsourcing providers that handle Telecom accounts and Software accounts. Aside from account activation, such services also cover addressing customers’ plan or subscription renewals or upgrades. Customer Service Outsourcing lets you train inbound customer service specialists who can process the customer plan renewal directly or refer the customer to an inhouse specialist or representative to do the renewal.

Connext Global Solutions provides Excellent Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

Connext Global Solutions is capable of adopting current systems and contact center software used by the client in their intra-day operations, making it possible to efficiently delegate inbound call center services. Outsource customer service to customer support specialists whose tasks range from: managing amounts of incoming phone calls, lead generation, maintaining customer satisfaction, building trust-based relationships, reports generation, meeting personal/customer service team sales targets and call handling quota, handling issues and provide resolutions, maintaining a customer interaction and records database and other assigned and related roles. Partner with Connext Global Solutions today.