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Addressing Customers’ Needs with Customer Service Outsourcing 

The article aims to illustrate how Customer Service Outsourcing can address customers’ needs.

Customers’ needs and expectations have evolved.

More than 65% of people have higher expectations for customer service today than they did three to five years ago.

In fact, 64% of customers want to shop with companies that can meet their needs in real-time.

Consumers believe that excellent support is defined by having a friendly representative (67%), quick resolution (61%), favorable outcome (57%), is convenient (47%) and is personalized (16%). 90% of consumers worldwide consider issue resolution as their most crucial customer service concern.

Delivering excellent customer service through responsiveness and adaptability is critical in effectively addressing the changing customers’ preferences and needs.

15 years ago, the average consumer typically used two touchpoints when buying an item and only 7% regularly used more than four. Today, consumers use an average of almost six touchpoints with nearly 50% regularly using more than four. (Marketing Week)

With the countless communication channels customers use to engage, communicate and interact with businesses, customers expect efficient service on technical and data-focused concerns and issues across all touchpoints.

More than 70% of consumers believe that companies should collaborate on their behalf so they don’t have to repeat information to different representatives. (Zendesk)

Companies can keep up with customers’ expectations through improving business processes.

A cost-effective solution to improving overall customer service is through outsourcing Customer Service. This type of outsourcing is one of the fastest growing markets as it provides countless advantages to an organization.

Customer Service Outsourcing provides a reduced cost structure and efficient business model which can improve overall customer service operations and lessen turnaround time in issue resolution.

Delegate the first point of contact of customers to customer service outsourcing specialists to manage both outbound and inbound phone calls, assist customers in preferred communication channels such as calls, emails, messaging or social media, lead generation, maintaining customer satisfaction, building trust-based relationships, reports generation, meeting personal/team sales targets and call handling quota, handle issues and provide resolutions, maintain a customer interaction and records database and other assigned and related roles.

Metrics used to assess resolution of customer’s needs such as first Call Resolution Rate, Average Handling Time can also be properly established and reviewed.

With the right outsourcing provider, you can solve real-time concerns of customers and boost customer experience.

Build your Customer Service Workforce with Connext Global Solutions

Connext Global Solutions is a business process partner with industry-leading customer service outsourcing solutions. The organization helps unlock client growth.

Connext Global Solutions offers transparent and flexible consulting and customer service support tailored to the client.

Aside from improving customer support, with Connext you can also integrate innovative technology that add value to the business such as process automation, IVRs, chatbots, software integration.

Connext Global Solutions is capable of adopting current systems and contact center software used by the client in their day-to-day operations, making it possible to efficiently outsource call center services. A number of active Connext clients, through Connext, successfully integrate and currently use contact center software in their operations.

These and a lot more can be integrated by Connext Global Solutions within your dedicated remote support teams.

Partner with Connext and receive:

  • Geographically diverse talent
  • 100% virtual recruitment and employment process
  • Productivity, utilization, and quality monitoring
  • Dedicated account management
  • Standing IT support
  • Talent management and employee engagement

Build your Customer Service Workforce with Connext today.