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Customer Service

Customer Service

Many people think of traditional call centers when they envision outsourcing customer service. Here at Connext we operate under the Virtual Captive Model which makes outsourcing cost-effective for smaller businesses, who don’t see the benefits of traditional outsourcing setups. With our approach, we offer more control over talent acquisition, management, and training along with complete visibility of utilization and quality. We also offer far more scalability than our competitors, many BPO’s require minimum entry commitments of 50 or more people. With Connext, you can start with a single person performing a single function and grow as you see fit.  

Sample Roles and Responsibilities

  • Customer Support Specialist (Entry, Midlevel, Senior)
  • Customer Service Team Leader (Midlevel, Advance)

Why outsource this industry?

Cost Saving

Overall Connext reduces our client’s costs by an average of 60%. This allows you to focus your capital on avenues that can actively help you grow and expand your business. Additionally, through the Virtual Captive Model you are able to tap into the same talent pool as industry giants. This allows for more work to be done, with less time and effort spent managing employees.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Outsourcing with Connext give you employees that are actively managed and equipped by our experienced leadership team. Our systems are already in place to allow your business to scale or expand as you grow or change your approach. We fully support in person or work from home based on your wishes, and our flexible approach has led to 0% drop in service during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Ensure Customers Receive the Best Possible Service

Outsourcing means your customers are interacting with service experts at all hours of the day. One of our hallmarks is “Hire the Best” and we staff your company with specialists who make sure your customers have an excellent experience when they need assistance. Connext takes this aspect even further by providing our clients with the ability to individually select their team from a pool of qualified applicants.  


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