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What are the business processes outsourced from the Philippines?

The article discusses common business processes that you can outsource from the Philippines.

What are the Business Processes outsourced from the Philippines corporate meeting office asian
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In Business Process Outsourcing, the vendor performs a service for the end customer/client. A lot of services can be outsourced to business process outsourcing (BPO) providers offshore.

Business Process Outsourcing is typically classified as front office or back-office outsourcing. Front Office outsourcing involves the direct assistance and interaction of customers at every point in the buyer journey which include Market Research, General Customer Support, Technical and Service Support, Telemarketing and Telesales.

On the other hand, Back-Office outsourcing essentially covers support tasks like Data Entry, Payment and Processing, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, HR support services, accounting services, creative services, IT support and technology development.

A popular offshore destination where investors outsource is the Philippines, a Southeast Asian archipelago of more than 7,100 islands located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

Outsourced teams in the Philippines improve business operations by providing remote day-to-day front-office and back-office support such as the above.

In the Philippines, you have access to a wide, highly specialized talent pool with the right technical skills.

The Philippines’ outsourcing talent pool of experienced business process outsourcing staff are highly capable in skills such as active listening and verbal and written communication, telephony skills, customer care, problem solving, and analyzing information.

Read more for a detailed discussion on some of the most commonly outsourced business processes in the Philippines:

Customer Service

The customer care outsourcing market segment is the leading business process outsourcing segment, is expected to grow to around 30.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. (Statista)

Businesses can delegate the first point of contact of customers to customer service outsourcing specialists to manage both outbound and inbound phone calls, and other functions such as lead generation, reports generation, calls management, issue resolution, customer interaction, records database management and other assigned roles.

There are different customer interaction functions that businesses can outsource.

Outbound customer service support covers scheduling initial meetings and appointments between sales staff and leads. Lead generation and list building are also important functions in identifying qualified customers.

On the other hand, outsourced Telemarketers directly engage with leads with the goal of converting them into loyal customers. Telemarketers undergo structured training on call scripts when conducting outbound calls to prospect customers. Once trained, they reach out and call customers and initiate contact for the purpose of growing the customer base.

Live Chat is one of the commonly outsourced services. Outsourced Live Chat Support Agents are capable and trained to assist and troubleshoot product or service-related concerns of customers. They directly assist and provide responsive and quality support and problem resolution.

Back-office transactions

Outsourcing Back-Office Offshore Support enables you access to delegating non-core back-office support and repetitive clerical tasks. Back-office support staff handle a large volume of data entry in a timely manner, file data and perform other routine clerical tasks as assigned, and for other departments as needed.

Depending on the experience, they provide clerical and documentation support in administrative and operations functions such as documentation, payment posting, data entry, bookkeeping, and various clerical tasks, like managing a contact list, preparing customer spreadsheets and keeping online records, organizing managers’ calendars, and typing memos or screening emails.

There are many functions you can outsource such as time-consuming data collection and list organization of new prospects, organizing data, and monitoring productivity reports.

Back-office support staff also process data entry services such as organizing, managing and processing billing and invoice reports, maintaining accounting records, and other departmental functions like administrative, procurement and logistics.

IT and Software operations

According to Statista’s Technology Market Outlook (TMO), the IT outsourcing industry is divided into administration outsourcing, application outsourcing, web hosting, and other IT outsourcing. In total, these segments are forecast to account for a combined revenue of 351 billion U.S. dollars in 2021.

Dedicated account management of Outsourced IT Support teams provide timely customized support for each interaction. 24/7 Technical Support is required for businesses to properly assist and provide technical troubleshooting for customers’ technical needs and demands.

IT Support personnel assist and resolve both client and employee-related troubleshooting queries, from technical to process queries. When offshoring, look for providers who offer 24/7 technical support. IT Support personnel ensure metrics critical to daily customer service outsourcing operations such as turnaround time, number of Resolved tickets or issues are met.

Outsourced Technical Support have up-to-date knowledge and training of functionalities of software and systems and can provide timely customized support on technical or software application concerns. 

In Outsourcing Software Development, you gain access to remote staff skilled with technical expertise who can build and deploy a scalable, well-designed and agile product, provide technical support for applications, perform troubleshooting, conduct unit testing, coding, and technical documentation.

Finance and Accounting

Accounting is a highly technical function which makes this function related tasks the top outsourced function, next to IT tasks.

Accounting is an established and recognized industry in the Philippines. Outsourcing Accounting services to the Philippines can help the business by properly assigning transactional and repetitive Accounting processes that are high in volume and that take up a lot of the time and effort.

Outsourcing Accounting provides accurate quantitative information on the financial position, liquidity, and cash flows of our business, and ensures compliance with tax regulations.

Businesses can outsource and choose to hire from a huge talent pool of experienced Accountants under different roles and specializations such as bookkeeping tasks like cash flow management, billing and invoice reports, maintaining accounting record, accounts payable data entry accounts receivable data entry, financial reporting, financial statements, and managing all financial transactions, such as Receivable Billings, Bank Reconciliations, monthly and annual GET filing, payroll tax filing, weekly payroll and cash forecast, assist in external and internal audit examinations and more.

Human resource services

Human Resource (HR) Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution to delegating HR functions.

HR functions that can be outsourced can range from specific functions such as recruitment and selection, providing new hire support, compliance, training, employee engagement, performance payroll processing, and performance management, payroll processing or work policy updates or a broader aspect such as the end-to-end HR solutions.

These include administrative HR tasks such as keeping employee records up to date, updating the employee database, filing employment contracts, preparing performance metrics or corresponding performance reports, or providing support to newly hired employees.

 Also, Recruitment functions are popular, such as conducting Interviews and Hiring, New Hire Onboarding, and Employment Verification checks. Another is Payroll Processing where Outsourced HR manages payroll transactions and establishes an effective payroll procedure and transactions for a company.

Knowledge Services

Data-driven reports via business intelligence, data analytics and data science provide valuable customer service outsourcing insights.

Outsource IT Developers, Data Analytics and Data mining which enable data-driven reports that provide valuable customer service outsourcing insights for actionable solutions.

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