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Top Software Outsourcing Models

The following article discusses the top software outsourcing models.

An effective outsourcing model is one that is properly aligned and structured to fit the business and unlock business growth. In technical fields such as Software development, projects rely on the technical expertise, workflow management, processes, delegation of service, team structure and overall setup in order to add business value and unlock growth.

Around 64% of all companies now outsource their entire software development process.

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Organizations must establish and develop a structured implementation to leverage the software outsourcing team. Here are Software Outsourcing Models to make the most out of your software outsourcing provider’s services: 


The project-based model is when the outsourced software development team handles the management and deployment of the product. In this model, the entirety of the agreed project is managed by the outsourced software development team from start to finish.

The software outsourcing provider has agreed to meet the following specifications of the client: software development scope, project timeline, available resources, QA Testing.

This model is beneficial for companies that have feasible and clearly defined projects.

Dedicated Team

In a Dedicated Team model, clients build a team of technical experts from a software outsourcing provider. It is the client who ultimately selects their own dedicated staff. The dedicated team model is best for iterative, long-term projects that require constant monitoring or updates.

The team can consist of Software developers, Systems Engineers, and Implementation Managers. This team will act as a supplemental team that assimilates and works alongside in-house software development team.

Connext Global Solutions helps manage a client’s team as if it was theirs and makes sure the performance matches or exceeds that of your local teams.

Staffing Augmentation 

Staffing Augmentation is hiring, building, managing a dedicated team or staff through an outsourcing partner usually located outside a company’s geographical location to support business processes.

A key benefit of staffing augmentation is its scalability. Staffing augmentation also allows for more client control and visibility. Clients can add additional staff by the need.

At Connext Global Solutions we allow clients to start with as little as 1 full-time employee and scale as they see fit. Connext actively sources top talent required by the client. The company uses a multi-tiered recruitment process that ensures that the client is getting the highest level of talent with the required specialized skill sets for the required position.           

Depending on the staff and need of the organization, on top of the dedicated software development team, clients can add the following staff:

  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Customer Experience Professionals
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Web Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • IT Help Desk or Service Desk Support
  • And More

Connext provides High-quality Software Outsourcing Solutions

Connext Global Solutions helps expand your business offshore by hiring, training, and managing custom remote teams.

Connext Global Solutions ensures excellent software development management through technologically capable, remote-ready outsourcing solutions. The company holds an open dialogue with the client to determine the best outsourcing model to address their software outsourcing needs.

Connext Global Solutions is uniquely positioned to take on new projects, regardless of size and scope.

Partner with Connext and receive:

  • Geographically diverse talent
  • 100% virtual recruitment and employment process
  • Productivity, utilization, and quality monitoring
  • Dedicated account management
  • Standing IT support
  • Talent management and employee engagement

Start building a scalable support team of experts. Partner with Connext Global Solutions and unlock growth today