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Call centers are a key tool to provide quality customer service, solve issues, generate sales and retain customers. However, not all call centers offer the same level of professionalism, efficiency and satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to choose well when hiring this type of services.

Colombia: A Top Nearshore Customer Service Outsourcing Destination

Nearshoring call centers is an alternative to outsourcing offshore for businesses that wish to tap into accessible specialized talent such as product or customer support. When it comes to nearshoring, Colombia offers companies a strategic advantage in today’s global business landscape.
Colombia ranks fourth among the largest call center and BPO markets in Latin America which is valued at $23 million, generating over 230,000 direct jobs.

Top Call Centers in Colombia

Colombia has emerged as a top nearshore outsourcing destination for technology and customer support services this 2024 because of the proximity and cultural alignment, its skilled workforce as well as its government’s efforts in providing incentives for businesses to invest in the country.
In this article, we present you top call centers in Colombia for 2024, based on the following criteria: revenue, reputation, experience, services, location and language. These are:

Connext Global Solutions:
Connext helps growing companies build custom, dedicated nearshore support teams. Aside from the Philippines, the company has recently expanded its offering to Colombia.
Since 2014, the company has provided remote staffing and outsourcing services and enabled the growth to over 150 clients through highly talented remote staff, white-glove account management, work tools, operating facilities, systems, automation and targeted process improvement. The company has locations in the Philippines, and offers nearshore support to Latin America and US companies with its offices in Colombia and Mexico.

Connext has been consistently recognized as a Great Place to Work® for two consecutive years. Ranking 16th in the Philippines’ Best Workplaces for 2023, the company stands out in the IT-BPM sector for its exceptional workplace culture.

The company also recently won the 2023 Sprout Awards’ Best Workplace Culture Award for the Mid-Market Category.

Solvo Global:
The company is a voice and back-office service provider with over 250 employees. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. They also have a branch in Medellín, Colombia. Solvo Global offers remote talent solutions to businesses looking for enthusiastic workers to help their business thrive. They have locations in several countries, including Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republican, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Dyalogo is a company that has the solution to the business needs of its clients. With 19 years of experience in the market, it has obtained a level of experience in various sectors. With more than 1000 call center projects carried out, it offers customer service, sales, collections, technical support, surveys and loyalty services.

It is the first Colombian company to sell technology for call centers to receive the IT certification from the ESI Center of Spain.

The company has 10 years of experience in customer service call centers. A specialized team is responsible in creating tailored campaigns and applications. Weekly monitoring, with automatic reports sent to clients and supervisors, and real-time monitoring and AI-supported processes, ensure high-quality agent performance.

BPM Consulting:

BPM Consulting offers high-quality, secure and reliable services, tailored to the needs of each client. It is a leading Colombian company specializing in affordable and innovative outsourced service focused on internal process improvement of Colombian companies. The company specializes in service offerings such as Contact Center, IT Outsourcing and Infrastructure, Payment Gateway and Billing, Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Payroll services.

Founded in 2005, BPM Consulting aims to satisfy the needs of both the acquiring company and its end consumers through collaborative experiences. The center is located in Bogotá, Colombia and has employees who speak English and Spanish.

OutPLEX is a customer care solutions company that offers voice and digital CX services at scale for global brands. Founded in 2001, they pioneered the work-from-home call center model in 2005 and have offices in the Dominican Republic and Colombia. With more than 20 years of experience, it has positioned itself as a leader in the industry, providing innovative and personalized solutions for each client such as modern voice solutions, including voice automation and IVR deflection, to complement traditional call center services.

OutPLEX combines AI and skilled agents to optimize customer experiences and reduce labor costs. They offer messaging solutions across various platforms to strengthen customer relationships and gather valuable data insights.

It is a company that offers full-service outsourcing of contact center and business process outsourcing with headquarters in Miramar, Florida, and locations in Bogotá, Colombia, and South Africa. It serves some of the most recognizable brands in the world, providing an informative and welcoming customer experience.

Callzilla offers affordable, customizable live agent platforms with optional automation and AI capabilities to enhance customer satisfaction and resolve issues faster.

Contact Center Grupo:
Contact Center Grupo is a company that offers a wide range of outsourcing services to its clients in the telecommunications and software industries. Its service portfolio includes Contact & Call Center, Software Factory, Telecommunications and IT Infrastructure. They focus on increasing customer experience by integrating all contact channels.

The company is based in Bogotá, Colombia.

Group COS
The digital company works with businesses to improve business metrics by understanding their needs and coming up with creative solutions. The company offers specialized, high-quality, and highly customizable contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions. Tailored solutions range from: Contact Center, Back-office Management, Technological Solutions, Sales Collections and Recovery, Collections, Loyalty and Retention to a range of industries, including banking, insurance, and telecommunications. Group COS has over 14 years of expertise and has several sites in Colombia and Mexico.

Atlantic BPO
Atlantic BPO is a leading organization that has over 10 years of experience. Atlantic BPO’s

CX-360 Model tailors unique, agile solutions for each user throughout their experience cycle, utilizing Robotic Process Automation, and Data Analytics to improve productivity. Currently the company has 5 sites, 5 sites in Barranquilla and Bogota, plus work-at-home options in major Colombian cities, serving clients in telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, technology, and logistics.


CloudTask started in 2014 as a B2B Lead Generation and Sales Services company. It has since transitioned from providing services directly to acting as an intermediary where clients can find and transact with vetted sales services providers.

CloudTask is a company that specializes in helping SaaS companies grow revenue through professional sales development teams. Starting at $10,000 per month, it helps its clients outsource sales, offering services such as lead generation, appointment setting, inbound sales, outbound sales and account management.

Honorable Mentions

Contact Point 360:
It is a company that offers transformative and tailored customer experience services and contact center support solutions. It serves some of the most prestigious brands in the world, providing solutions that combine technology, talent and innovation. It has more than 10 years of experience in the market.

ContactPoint360 emphasizes a customer-focused strategy for contact center outsourcing, ensuring prompt and exceptional service by providing immediate solutions to customer inquiries, any time of the day. The company aims to improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) for their clients.

The company has a site in Bogotá with employees who speak English and Spanish.

Headquartered in Texas, USA it has sites in Toronto and Montreal in Canada, Barranquilla and Bogotá in Colombia, Monterrey in Mexico, Kochi and Bengaluru in India, Cebu in the Philippines, Montego Bay in Jamaica, Athens in Greece, and Cairo, Egypt.

Quantica BPO:
The company is a customer service provider with over 250 employees. They offer remote talent solutions to businesses looking for enthusiastic workers to help their business thrive. They have locations in several countries, including Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republican, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. Quantica BPO provides customer experience and support services such as account service, billing inquiries, technical support, and service dispatch. They also offer up-sell, cross-sell, and new product introduction support, and survey services to help businesses grow their sales and maintain customer relationships. They also provide marketing research specializing in Hispanic marketing to provide customized solutions. The company has offices in Barranquillla, Bogota, and Medellin.

Outsourcing S.A Oficial

The company provides human resources management service, and technological infrastructure services for businesses and their clients. Outsourcing S.A Oficial develops technological solutions that adapts to the digital workforce and customer needs, designed to streamline back and front office processes. Among its services are customized technology solutions for user experiences, including contact center services and process outsourcing tailored to the customer lifecycle and journey across various channels, automation and analytics, Digital & IT Management.

They also provide Customer Experience solutions to improve the relationship with the customer at all stages, such as customer inquiries, sales channels, product launches, promotions, technical assistance, debt recovery, and loyalty campaigns, using telephone and digital sales channels.

Recovery & Services
Recovery & Services is a contact center and business process outsourcing company focused on front office, back office, and customer experience services. With headquarters in Bogota, it caters to Finance, Healthcare, Sales, and Back office sectors. Specialists in portfolio recovery, they also provide customer service support such as administrative tasks, appointment scheduling, operative tasks, customer tracking, process management and monitoring.

inked2u Contact Services is a Colombian company that specializes in providing local and offshore Contact Center services. The company was founded in 2011 and is located in Barranquilla, Colombia. Linked2u aims to be a leader in the contact center and BPO industry by offering high-quality contact center and various technological solutions that are cost-effective and innovative. The company adapts to different corporate models to create homogeneous and highly effective teams.

Intelsa :

Intelsa is a company that offers innovative solutions in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector, revolutionizing the industry with high-quality services and a high-performance culture.

Intelsa focuses on providing agile and effective interactions, offering a personalized and timely experience to users. It specializes in telemarketing, customer service, technical support, collections, surveys and loyalty. The company supports users at any time and through any device, acting as an extension of your brand in digital channels. The company also uses Integrated Sales Channels, and applies Data-Driven Decision Making.

Origen BPO:
This is a company that specializes in inbound and outbound sales and telemarketing campaigns to increase your company’s sales while keeping costs under control. They have Colombian staff who are exceptional at executing sales and telemarketing campaigns. Origen BPO’s focus on training, management, and quality assurance ensures high-quality standards and first-class services provided to all their clients and their customers.


Helpware is a business process outsourcing provider that was established in 2015 in Lexington, Kentucky, United States. They have a strong global presence across various countries, including the USA, Ukraine, Mexico, Germany, the Philippines, Poland, Albania, and Puerto Rico. With a workforce ranging from 501 to 1000 employees, Helpware has successfully served over 150 clients.

Their unique approach includes the “People as a Service” model, along with digital, automation, and artificial intelligence solutions. Helpware caters to a diverse range of industries, including Ecommerce & Retail, SaaS & Software, HealthCare & HealthTech, Gaming & Entertainment, FinTech, and Social Media. Additionally, they offer customized solutions for both startups and notable clients.

Six Eleven Global Services

The company was founded in 2005 and has since become a prominent player in the outsourcing industry. They expanded their operations in Davao City, initially with 800 seats in 2015, and later added 1500 seats in Maa, Davao City in 2018. Six Eleven offers a wide range of customer service support and business process outsourcing services, including Lead Generation & Telemarketing Sales, Order Taking, Technical Support, Chat Support, Inbound Customer Support, Data Entry & Research, and Helpdesk Services. Their headquarters is located in Davao, Philippines.

These are the top call centers in Colombia, according to our research and criteria. If you are looking for hiring this type of services, we recommend you to evaluate the options we present you and choose the one that best suits your needs and expectations.
Connext Global Solutions helps middle-market companies build custom, dedicated nearshore support teams across the Philippines and Latin America. Learn more about working with Connext Global Solutions.
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