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Top 10 Outsourcing Firms in Hawaii

The following article discusses the top 10 outsourcing firms in Hawaii.

Outsourcing is an alternative to hiring internal staff for businesses that wish to tap into accessible specialized talent such as product or customer support. When it comes to outsourcing, Hawaii offers companies a strategic advantage in today’s global business landscape.

Hawaii’s time zone advantage, cultural compatibility, skilled workforce, and location make it an attractive destination for outsourcing.

Here’s an overview of some top outsourcing firms in Hawaii:


Connext assists growing companies in building custom, dedicated support teams. Since 2014, they have provided remote staffing and outsourcing services, enabling over 150 clients to grow through highly talented remote staff, white-glove account management, work tools, operating facilities, systems, automation, and targeted process improvements. With locations in the Philippines and Hawaii, Connext offers nearshore support to companies in Latin America and the US.

Connext has been consistently recognized as a Great Place to Work® for two consecutive years. Ranking 16th in the Philippines’ Best Workplaces for 2023, the company stands out in the IT-BPM sector for its exceptional workplace culture.

The company also recently won the 2023 Sprout Awards’ Best Workplace Culture Award for the Mid-Market Category.


Hugo provides a range of services including customer support, data & AI, trust & safety, and digital operations, all designed to integrate seamlessly with technology for scale and customer excellence.  They offer a wide range of customer support services, including general customer service, lead generation, tech support, and multilingual support. Hugo also offers specialized teams to enhance e-commerce performance and streamline marketplace operations, ensuring seamless execution and flawless results.

Services include inbound lead review, user account management, digital merchandising, content updates, and order fulfillment, among others.

Sales Support & Data Management: Hugo provides top-of-the-funnel lead generation, outbound campaign management, and market intelligence.

The process involves understanding client goals, designing tailored solutions, assembling a dream team, and implementing dedicated training programs.

Hugo designs tailored solutions within a week, including talent selection, training, and integration with existing processes.

TC Kokua

TC Kokua was founded in 2001 in Maui with a mission to provide exceptional customer service. TC Kokua Services offers support across various industries including hospitality, real estate, tech, and more.

Known for exceptional customer service, TC Kokua has established itself as a leader in this field. Over two decades, the company has grown and received local and national accolades, remaining true to its Maui roots. It is based in Hawaii offering outsourced technical support, employing locals and serving Hawaiian communities.

Their expertise lies in providing top-notch support to clients and customers. A local Hawaii-based call center service provider, they handle customer contact needs.

PrimeSync Solutions

PrimeSync offers a wide range of services, including customer support and back-office tasks, tailored to meet specific business needs. PrimeSync offers scalable solutions, overhead savings, and technological advancement, potentially saving up to 70% on staffing costs.

PrimeSync provides solutions in:

Customer Support, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) (leveraging specialized expertise for efficient problem-solving), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO),

Technical Support, Staff Augmentation, and Virtual Assistant services.

With a team of seasoned professionals, PrimeSync ensures high-quality solutions that align with industry standards.

Techspeed Inc

Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 2002, Techspeed is a women-owned and led technology company. They accelerate growth through comprehensive and scalable outsourcing services. Their expertise lies in data management, pairing human support with technology automation.

TechSpeed offers customized business process outsourcing solutions, leveraging US-based project management and global production teams.The company utilizes AI tools to enhance process efficiency and accuracy, providing services like data mining, entry, and tagging. Its scalable back office teams integrate seamlessly with your business, allowing you to focus on growth.


Boldr connects global talent to opportunities through ethical outsourcing, focusing on meaningful work and community impact.

Boldr offers living wages, health insurance, mental health support, tenure rewards, and compensation for internet and electricity expenses.

Boldr offers two main ethical outsourcing services: Managed Outsourcing and Global Employment. The former is ideal for tasks like Customer Experience, Engineering, Data, and Technical work, where Boldr manages the team for you. The latter provides access global talent with Boldr handling local hiring and employer requirements, allowing you to focus on scaling your business.

Remote CoWorker

An award-winning outsourcing service with a focus on back-office outsourcing, Remote Co-Worker aims to match businesses with virtual assistants (VAs) who have the right skill set and knowledge for specific jobs.

The service is designed to help businesses manage daily challenges by offloading time-consuming tasks to Remote CoWorkers. Multiple plans are available to fit different budgets, with options for 24/7 support and teams of VAs.

Remote Co-Worker positions itself as a partner for future growth, ensuring process adherence and delivery of expected results.

Precision Business Support

Precision Business Support offers comprehensive BPO services, focusing on streamlining processes and improving efficiency for businesses, helping businesses stand out and be more relevant. They focus on streamlining processes and improving efficiency for businesses.

The company started in Hawaii, USA, to meet the high-quality demands of its own businesses. Here’s a summary of the services offered by Precision Business Support:

Customer Service: Specializes in customer retention, bill payments, troubleshooting, account changes, and FAQs.

Technical Support: Provides 24/7 expert assistance with computer system installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Accounting: Offers bookkeeping services including data entry, invoicing, bill payments, collection calls, and more.

Web Development: Delivers professional web design services to attract and retain site visitors.

Project Management: Ensures successful implementation and execution of client initiatives through professional management services.

ProService Hawaii

If you’re seeking time-saving, customized HR solutions, ProService Hawaii is your go-to. ProService Hawaii offers a complete HR solution tailored for Hawaii businesses, promising time-saving services and freedom for business owners to focus on their goals. They specialize in human resources management and can assist your company with tailored services. 

The service includes efficient onboarding, timely payroll, top benefits, team development, and proactive workplace safety measures.

Solutions are available for small (1-25 employees), mid-size (26-99 employees), and large businesses (100+ employees), each with specific features to maximize efficiency and growth.

ProService Hawaii provides expert HR tips, best practices, and resources like webinars and guides to help local employers navigate new laws and employee compensation.

TrendUP Hawaii

TrendUp Hawaii is a reliable BPO company that caters to various industries. They provide solutions to enhance your business operations.

TrendUP Hawaii offers a comprehensive social media marketing experience tailored for Hawaii’s unique business landscape, emphasizing authenticity and community building.The company utilizes advanced AI to enhance social advertising, analytics, and content optimization, aiming for measurable success and growth.

High-quality content creation and diligent digital reputation management are central to engaging with the audience and maintaining credibility. TrendUP Hawaii provides an AI-powered platform for managing cross-channel ad campaigns, boasting significant ROI and cost savings for clients.

Honorable Mentions:

Intech Hawaii

Established in 1991, Intech Hawaii has a primary focus in providing top-tier IT support. Offering robust cybersecurity protection Intech Hawaii focuses on technology solutions, including network infrastructure, software development, and IT support. They help businesses leverage technology for growth and efficiency.


Since 2004, Servpac has been dedicated to putting customers first, integrating the spirit of aloha into their service, and striving to provide the best customer experience possible. They offer a range of services including Cloud Computing, Data Colocation, Managed Services, Fiber Internet, and VoIP Phones to keep Hawaii businesses competitive globally.

Servpac is a leading provider of managed IT services, cloud solutions, and telecommunications. They offer reliable connectivity, cybersecurity, and data center services to businesses across Hawaii. Servpac provides local Hawaii-based cloud computing solutions for enhanced flexibility and reliability. Servpac also offers services to manage IT needs, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.


Sourcefit was founded in April 2009 to provide various services, initially for a mobile-oriented social media service on Vodafone networks. The company has expanded to over 20 industries, offering staff augmentation and managed services, with operations in the Philippines, South Africa, Dominican Republic, and Armenia.

Sourcefit assists clients in building dedicated teams to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and add long-term value. They specialize in creating dedicated teams that integrate smoothly with clients’ existing operations, providing recruitment, IT support, and management services.

Unity Communications

Unity Communications is an award-winning BPO company based in Gilbert, Arizona, United States. They specialize in sales support, customer service, accounting, healthcare, and back-office services across various industries such as e-commerce, technology, retail, fintech, and SaaS. Unity Communications has been ranked number 74 on Inc.’s list of fastest-growing Southwest private companies, indicating their expansion and increased market presence in the region. Their revenue growth reflects successful business strategies and demand for their services in the BPO, contact center, and sales sectors.They serve startup clients up to Fortune 500 accounts with a team of over 350 onshore, nearshore, and offshore BPO agents.

Based on our research and criteria, these are the top 10 outsourcing providers in Hawaii. If you’re considering hiring these services, we recommend evaluating the options we present and selecting the one that best meets your needs and expectations.

Connext Global Solutions is a top outsourcing provider in Hawaii that helps middle-market companies build custom, dedicated nearshore support teams. Get started with Connext Global Solutions.

You can also contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you achieve faster turnaround times, reduce costs, and focus on your business.

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