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Effective Software Outsourcing relies largely on the technical expertise, workflow management, delegation of service, team structure and business processes.

Software Outsourcing has been the go-to solution of key businesses with its business value and strategic advantage. Read our previous article to learn more on how Software outsourcing can unlock business growth.

In fact, around 64% of all companies now outsource their entire software development process.

With the growing demand for software outsourcing, here are some roles you can assign when outsourcing software development services to an external service provider:

Help Desk Specialists

Help Desk Specialists provide quick, responsive and effective customer support via phone, support portal, and cloud-based collaboration tools or software on technical issues such as software application issues such as technical solution implementations, life cycle, subscriptions, software systems to program configurations. Help Desk Specialists attend to and resolve inbound calls quickly.

Software Developers

Software Developers provide technical support, identify key product features and can work with your in-house software development team and other software experts to set specifications for new software and design/build software based on product specifications. Before the product launch, they perform unit and integration testing to ensure the software adheres to client specifications. Software developers also provide proper troubleshooting and innovative solutions.

Project Managers

Project Managers oversee and monitor projects from initial project development to implementation. They are responsible in ensuring project adheres to scope, resources and materials, budget, and timeline. They ensure that the project is aligned with customer requirements and company goals through continuous monitoring and tracking of deliverables. They coordinate with managers and implementation teams in identifying problems, creating solutions, analyzing project plans, providing actionable feedback, reviewing proposed modifications and implementing process improvements.

These are just some of the many software outsourcing related roles when offloading services to a business process outsourcing provider.

Businesses can leverage and sustain operations through outsourcing services to a software outsourcing provider that has the technological capabilities of providing fully customizable software outsourcing solutions.

Connext Global Solutions provides Excellent Software Outsourcing Solutions

Connext Global Solutions provides customized offshore software outsourcing and staffing solutions designed to unlock client growth. Supplement inhouse staff with highly qualified, but cost-effective offshore team members personally selected by the client.

Whatever your software outsourcing model is, whether it be a project-based model, dedicated team, or staffing augmentation model, Connext can provide scalable and flexible staffing solutions for you.

Connext Global Solutions is building industry best client experience through its commitment to management philosophy and leadership development at all levels.

Improve your business’ productivity, cycle time, accuracy, and scalability to improve customer experience

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