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Our mission is to supercharge your growth by helping build dedicated offshore teams.

High Employee Retention, Low Turnover

Connext Global Solutions has implemented trust-based relationships and developed a unique organizational culture, resulting in high employee retention and a low turnover.

The standard annual attrition rate of Connext is only 20%, compared to the industry standard attrition rate of large BPOs at 50%.

Connext Attrition Data​

Connext Attrition Data

6-month and 90-day attrition:

Why our retention rate is so much better


Connext prides itself on its world class work retention rate. The monthly average of employee retention during the first quarter of 2021 was 98.4%. We do this through the following employee engagement and Connext employment culture benefits. When you outsource with Connext, you are partnering with a company that has world-class employee retention.

We do this through the following Connext employee engagement and employment benefits and bonuses:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Amenities for Leisure and Recreation
  • Cash Bonuses (Referral Bonus, Sign-on Bonus, Perfect Attendance Bonus, etc.)
  • Employee volunteer and community service opportunities
  • Professional and Development opportunities
  • Holiday Box
  • Home Office Setup and Support for Remote Employees
  • Employee Grant and Loan Program Staff housing for out-of-town employees

A Trusted Partner with Recognized Excellence

Connext currently holds several industry awards. For two years in a row (2022 and 2023), Connext is officially Great Place to Work® Certified.

Connext ranks 15th in the Philippines’ Best Workplaces for 2023.

Connext is also once again recognized by Great Place to Work, together with the IBPAP, as one of the best workplaces in the IT-BPM sector, ranking 16th.

The company also recently won the 2023 Sprout Awards’ Best Workplace Culture Award for the Mid-Market Category.

Best Workplaces in IT-BPM
Sprout Awards
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