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Why It’s Worth It To Outsource Your Customer Service to the Philippines 


It is well known that every business has a customer base, and the customer is king. However, what happens if your company has customers from different parts of the world?

If you want to improve your operations by getting more calls from different countries, then it might be time for you to outsource your customer services to the Philippines. 

Why It’s Worth It To Outsource Your Customer Service to the Philippines
A nighttime scene in Bonifacio Global City, a major financial district in the Philippines where many business processing and outsourcing companies are located. — Photo by Vernon Raineil Cenzon on Unsplash  

Outsourcing and offshoring are two terms that are used interchangeably, but there is a fine line between them. 

When you outsource, you hire a company to handle the work that your business needs. hiring another company or individual to handle some aspect of your business for you, whether it be customer support or IT services. This type of outsourcing isn’t necessarily about moving your business overseas. On the other hand, offshoring is moving your business overseas (often to Asia) because of lower costs and other benefits.

To understand the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines, it is necessary to first understand the global outsourcing industry. 

Global outsourcing is a $92.5 billion industry that employs a staggering 1.3 million Filipinos for services that range from back-office support to animation work and game development. The Philippines has become a major player in global outsourcing due to its low costs, high-quality workforce, and strong infrastructure compared to other countries. 

Why It’s Worth It To Outsource Your Customer Service to the Philippines
Photo by Petr Macháček on Unsplash 

The Philippines has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for companies looking to outsource their business activities. 

For companies looking to outsource customer service, the Philippines has emerged as one of the most popular destinations. The country has a large pool of English-speaking workers, making it easy for them to communicate with customers in the US and other countries. In addition. In fact, besides Filipino, English is the other official language of the country and it is used daily in commerce and media. This makes for a workforce that’s familiar with Western culture and idioms which can help them better understand what customers want or need. 

In addition, the Philippines has a good reputation for quality assurance and testing work as well as technical support tasks because of its excellent universities and vocational training programs that produce graduates ready to begin working immediately after graduation. 

Another advantage is its low cost of living compared to North America or Europe where labor costs are higher than those found here in Asia. 

There are several reasons why companies offshore their customer service operations to the Philippines. 

  • Low cost of operation: The Philippines has a lower operating cost than other countries. Companies can save up to 40% of their total costs by outsourcing customer service operations to the Philippines. 
  • Time difference: Businesses that operate around the clock may find it convenient and cost-effective to outsource their customer service operations in another time zone, especially when they have customers from all over the world who are awake at different times of day or night. This gives them an advantage because they don’t have to pay for extra staff in their own time zone, while still being able to offer 24/7 support services for their global customers. Also, workers in Asia are generally more accustomed than Americans or Europeans to working longer hours during off-peak periods such as weekends or evenings when businesses receive fewer calls. 

The cost advantage is one of the biggest factors driving a number of companies to outsource customer service to the Philippines. 

The Philippines has a lower cost of living and doing business than in many other countries, which means that you can hire customer service representatives there for much less money. In addition, taxes are lower in the Philippines than they are in most developed countries, so you can save even more on your operating costs by hiring employees there instead of at home. 

The low cost of operation in the Philippines compared to other countries allows organizations to retain more profits. 

The Philippines is one of the cheapest countries in the world to operate in. Costs are not just lower than what you would find in other Asian countries like China or India, but also significantly lower than many European and North American locations. The country has a large, affordable labor force and also an educated English-speaking workforce that can be hired at reasonable rates. This means that companies will be able to retain more profits when outsourcing customer service jobs to the Philippines instead of sending them overseas. 

When most people think about hiring call center agents, they think they should hire someone who lives near their own location. The idea is to save money on travel costs and time so that it makes financial sense to hire someone from your country rather than someone from another country. 

You can still keep this strategy in mind when you are hiring for customer service roles in the Philippines but also consider the fact that there are other benefits to hiring a Filipino agent. If your business deals with customers across borders, then you may find that it is more cost-effective to hire an English-speaking Filipino than trying to recruit someone local whose first language isn’t English. 

In addition, because many Filipinos are bilingual (and even trilingual), it’s much easier for them to communicate effectively with non-native speakers of English without needing additional training or support from other staff members back home (or anyone else).  

Language is another area where outsourcing customer service can give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

For example, if you’re located in the United States and your company deals with customers from all over the world, you may find that language is a barrier to communication. In this situation, hiring someone from abroad who speaks the appropriate language can help create a better connection with customers, allowing them to communicate more effectively and making it easier for them to understand what they need from you as a business partner. 

For their language skills and their hospitable and amiable nature, Filipinos are a natural fit for customer service.  

You can improve your image by outsourcing your customer services overseas: 

  • A satisfied customer is more likely to be satisfied with your company, which means they are more likely to recommend you to others. 
  • By outsourcing, you can focus on things that are important to the core of your business and leave customer service tasks that aren’t crucial behind. 


While there are many things to consider before you outsource your customer service, you simply can’t go wrong if you choose the Philippines as your servicing country. The combination of having a young and talented workforce at a price that’s easy on the pocket simply cannot be ignored. 


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