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Key Customer Service Outsourcing Skills

The objective of this article is to discuss key customer service outsourcing skills.

The global call center outsourcing market is poised to grow by USD 14.05 billion during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of over 3% during the forecast period. (Technavio 2020-2024 report)  

The Customer service outsourcing market is one of the fastest growing markets in the outsourcing industry. Many businesses are delegating customer service to external business process outsourcing providers for efficiency and improved business processes. Here are some key skills for your customer service outsourcing team to deliver exceptional customer service:

Excellent Communication

Ensure consistency across customer service touchpoints and build sustainable relationships and trust with customer accounts through active listening, and open and interactive communication. Customer support specialists must know and understand the product and service offer. They must have excellent verbal and written communication skills to provide accurate, concise, and complete information by using the right methods/tools.

Some basic interpersonal skills that customer support specialists must be equipped with are telephony skills, communication skills, active listening and customer-care with focus on quality, problem solving, and analyzing information.


Business processes and customer service change quickly. It is therefore a requirement in customer service outsourcing to be adaptable and flexible to these changes. Providers need to have flexible agreement terms for adaptability.

Customer service outsourcing teams must have the capability to multi-task and adapt to ability to work in an environment that is fast-moving and changes quickly.

Other than customer service itself, your team needs to look at opportunities that lead to customer experience and process improvement such as the integration of innovative technologies. Customer service outsourcing providers must have familiarity with current technologies, like desktop sharing, CRM software, cloud services, and VoIP and must be able to integrate and support these remotely.

Accuracy and Attention to Detail

Primary tasks of customer service outsourcing specialists range from accessing customer information from database based accurate search, maintaining, and updating accurate customer records.

This implies that support specialists need to be keen to details to manage database and files with accuracy. To ensure excellent customer service delivery, one must have strong time management and decision-making skills.

Customer support specialists need to be accountable and highly organized with tasks and equipped with accurate typing and documentation skills to ensure quick and correct entry of service request details.

Build and Nurture Client Relationships

In order to build and nurture client relationships, it is important to Know your customer (KYC).

Offer transparent and flexible consulting and customer service outsourcing support tailored to the client.

Go the Extra Mile

The goal in customer service is to put customers first. This means to go above and beyond in delivering customer engagement and satisfaction.

Offer alternatives or better recommendations to their request and provide appropriate solutions and alternatives. More importantly, follow up to ensure resolution.

Connext Global Solutions provides Customer Service Talent Acquisition, Training and Management

Connext Global Solutions is a business process outsourcing provider that builds industry best customer service outsourcing experience through our commitment to management philosophy and leadership development at all levels.

Connext Global Solutions handles customer service outsourcing talent acquisition, management, and training for you. The company actively sources offshore talent required by the client. Comprehensive assessments, screening, testing, and interviewing are conducted by Connext, ensuring the client the highest level of talent from the pool.

Clients can build their own team of outbound specialists and telemarketers whose tasks can range from answering incoming calls, probing, obtaining and verify information for incoming calls, answer billing, service status questions and other customer inquiries, and more related roles.

Our customer support specialists undergo a comprehensive and meticulous training process to ensure key skills are adopted into the customer service outsourcing experience. Outsource Customer Service services to Connext today.