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Key Benefits of Remote Staffing

The article aims to discuss key benefits of remote staffing. Aside from providing a cost-effective solution, here are the primary benefits of remote staffing:  

Bridge the In-house Talent Gap

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of job openings was at a record high of 11.5 million on the last business day of March [2022]. 

The challenge of solving the in-house skill gap problem can be easily remedied by remote staffing.

Lessen the time to fill needed talent with remote staffing. Connext Global Solutions is uniquely positioned to take on new projects, regardless of size and scope.

Maintain Full Control  

Remote staffing allows clients to build a customized, 100% dedicated offshore team who are basically full-time employees (FTEs).

In a remote staffing model, clients maintain control on the operations. From staffing requirements, operating systems, tools, processes, schedules, quality checks, and pricing – these are all solely established and decided by the client.

With a trusted external party provider equipped with cloud connectivity training sessions and cloud-based collaboration and connectivity tools, real-time or near real-time monitoring of stats measuring productivity, utilization and quality, feedback, training, upskilling and management of remote teams can be easily implemented. Communication can be cascaded and reinforced seamlessly.

Flexibility and Scalability

The supplemental offshore staff assimilates and works alongside in-house team. Typical outsourcing firms require a minimum commitment of a minimum of 5 up to 50 employees.

Connext Global Solutions provides flexible and scalable solutions that unlocks client growth. At Connext Global Solutions we allow clients to start with as little as 1 full-time employee and scale as they see fit. Clients can build, train, manage their offshore based on the current need and adjust – scale up or down, as they go along.

Efficiently Take on New Projects

Remote staff provide you with technical expertise through ensuring project is aligned with customer requirements and company goals through continuous monitoring and tracking of deliverables and on managing projects from the initial phase to implementation and ensures the project adheres to scope, resources and materials, budget, and timeline.

The client experience is augmented in remote staffing through effectively identifying problems, creating solutions, analyzing project plans, providing actionable feedback, reviewing proposed modifications and implementing process improvements.

Connext Global Solutions is uniquely positioned to take on new projects, regardless of size and scope.

Remote Work Compliance  

Businesses need to be assured that their remote staffing provider meets compliance requirements.

Your remote staffing provider needs to be fully committed to properly securing confidential or private data entrusted to them. The perfect remote staffing provider should have compliance in operating controls, auditing processes, data security and privacy, availability, processing integrity, operational controls, to compliance in industry-leading digital security systems.

With industry-leading digital security systems, compliance requirements and processes paired alongside an experienced management team, your data is secure with Connext Global Solutions.

Remote Staffing Augmentation: The Connext Virtual Captive Model

Connext Global Solutions intends to fill .1% of those with staffing solutions that provide top talent. Connext actively sources top talent required by the client. Connext uses a multi-tiered recruitment process that ensures that the client is getting the highest level of talent with the required specialized skill sets for the required position.

Staffing Augmentation with the Connext Virtual Captive Model provides a higher degree of control, flexibility, scalability, and quality than the typical outsourcing model. Connext Global Solutions helps manage a client’s team as if it was theirs and makes sure the performance matches or exceeds that of your local teams. The client defines the team and corresponding skills required to fill per role. More importantly, the client chooses the talent best suited for the role.

Connext Global Solutions offers a large array of cost-effective remote staffing services to healthcare, real estate, finance and accounting departments, HR departments, customer service, IT and web development, back office support, and creative departments. Their dedicated staff members work in multiple function areas for clients that include: medical claims processing, QA and business analytics, real estate, full-spectrum accounting, customer engagement specialists, back office staff, IT developers and support, graphic designers, social media, and more.

Connext Global Solutions provides excellent offshore staffing solutions that add value and unlock client growth. Learn more about the company’s quality remote staffing solutions today.

Maximize the benefits of remote staffing while staying compliant: Visit our blog to explore essential insights on remote work compliance. Learn how to seamlessly integrate legal best practices into your remote staffing strategy.