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Improve Customer Experience with IT Help Desk Outsourcing

The shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach has prompted organizations to reassess and refocus their strategies on building customer relationships. A key customer-centric approach of organizations is banking on customer-facing support functions focused on the overall customer experience.

Part of providing excellent customer experience is being able to provide customer satisfaction. Responsive and quality support and problem resolution are key to the ongoing success of a business.

One such customer-facing function covering customer experience is the IT Help Desk support.

Customers demand quick, responsive and effective customer support, especially when it comes to resolution of technical issues. Customers want their troubleshooting queries to be attended to and resolved quickly.

To meet the demands of the customer, there should be robust IT help desk support. To nurture excellent customer experience means to provide robust and responsive 24/7 technical support.

IT Help Desk Outsourcing is the practice of organizations delegating IT Help Desk support services to an external third-party provider. This practice allows for overhead reduction, efficiency, and decreased costs, streamlined operations and more importantly, an improved customer experience.

Attention to detail, availability and proper technical knowledge base are key elements of an effective IT Help Desk Outsourcing support for a personalized customer experience.

Some popular IT Help Desk Outsourcing Metrics are:

  • Turnaround time
  • Average Number of Resolved Tickets
  • Tickets vs. turnaround time
  • Issues vs. turnaround time

These metrics are critical measures to ensure all SLAs and KPIs are met.

The right IT Help Desk Outsourcing provider must be capable of ensuring performance through quantitative reports that are generated accurately (weekly, monthly, and quarterly, depending on the clients’ preference) and on time. Sample reports that can be produced by offshore teams are weekly utilization reports, employee productivity reports, forecast reports based on historical data, pivot tables, pivot charts and business intelligence reports such as comprehensive operational dashboard reports. IT Help Desk Outsourcing reports that can be produced are typically bar graphs showing the aforementioned metrics.

In line with this, your IT Help Desk Outsourcing provider must also be capable of adopting digital transformation strategies. When properly implemented these can help improve the quality of customer experience.

Integrating customer service software is integral in supporting businesses in managing and maintaining an excellent customer experience.

Aside from Emailing, FAQs/Forum, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Appointment Management, key features of quality customer service software are the following:  Help Desk, 24/7 (Live Rep) and Chat support. A 24/7 Help Desk Support should be available to cater the needs of customers.

Commonly used software for IT Help Desk Outsourcing are as follows:

  • VirtualBox
  • Ultimate BootCD
  • osTicket
  • Atera Helpdesk

Connext Global Solutions is your offshoring provider that can seamlessly integrate your active customer service software or preferred customer service software.

Connext is capable of seamlessly integrating current systems and contact center software used by the client in their intra-day operations.

With IT Help Desk Outsourcing you can outsource services to an experienced IT Help Desk Support Specialist to provide solutions for customer-facing support requests.

You can outsource services to an experienced IT Help Desk Support Specialists responsible for troubleshooting or break/fix and configuration support for computer systems, hardware, and software application issues and providing technical stakeholder support to resolve technical faults. The outsourced IT Help Desk Support Specialists work closely with IT business analysts, architects, developers, and quality assurance specialists as well as with business subject matter experts in completing requests ranging from system, hardware, or software and planning and developing methods for data collection, storage, analysis, and reporting.

Now that most of the work has transitioned from onsite to a remote setup, adopting a Digital first remote model allows for agile operations. Cloud-based software makes it possible for companies to access, store and save data virtually and remotely. Cloud-based helpdesk software have built-in ticketing systems for efficient issue handling.

An outsourced IT Help Desk Support can provide expert technical customer support for proprietary applications via phone, support portal, and cloud-based collaboration tools or software. It is now possible and convenient to work remotely with field distribution partners and customers to ensure proper technical assistance, fault resolution and proper documentation of all findings within custom ticketing system & QMS.

Supplemental services that are also helpful to aid customers in their technical issues and can further personalize the customer experience by an outsourced IT help desk support specialist are creating and/or updating articles for the knowledge base or the corresponding resource center, providing in-depth FAQs, request form or an insights database that is readily accessible in the brand website. There must be proper understanding of the outsourced specialist to correctly identify, replicate, and thoroughly document issues for efficient case management.

Scalable and Flexible Staffing Solutions 

Connext Global Solutions offers excellent IT Help Desk Outsourcing Solutions. With our Staff Augmentation: Virtual Captive Model, organizations can also build custom cross functional offshore teams which they can scale up or down as they see fit. Connext provides customized offshore staffing solutions designed to supplement onshore client staff with highly qualified, but lower cost offshore team members personally selected by the client. 

Connext Global Solutions partners with clients to expand offshore.

Depending on the staff and need of the organization, on top of IT Help Desk Support Specialists, clients can build a team of:

  • Medical Claims Processors
  • Medical Billing Specialists
  • Virtual Nurses
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Credentialing Specialists
  • Customer Experience Professionals
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Data Analysts
  • And More

There is a 60% reduction in the client’s average cost through outsourcing services via Connext. 

Remote-ready Model 

Connext ensures excellent customer service and customer experience through a remote-ready model.  

Connext is equipped with secure state of the art monitoring and technology to support cloud-based connectivity platforms and systems to ensure seamless operations.

Below are features of the Connext Captive Model: 

  • 24/7 IT Support 
  • On-Site Physical Security Teams and Cameras 
  • User Desktop Monitoring 
  • Connext-to-Client window, a two-way configuration of digital cameras and closed-circuit television (CCTV) where Connext clients have access to real-time audio and visual connection with their offshore team members. This allows for more transparency and monitoring of the offshore team. 

Start building a scalable support team of experts. Outsource services to a Connext offshore team today.