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How Remote Staffing Helps Ensure Business Success

The article discusses how remote staffing helps ensure business success.

In the United States, the talent gap is at a record high. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the number of job openings was at a record high of 11.5 million on the last business day of March [2022].

However, the number of available experienced talent is too few to fill in the rising demand.

Remote staffing can help solve the workplace shortage and other emerging staffing trends.

Remote staffing is the process of hiring, building, managing a dedicated team or staff through an external or third-party service provider located either onshore, nearshore or offshore to support business processes.

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Global Talent

Remote Staffing lets you build business continuity across geographies.

When outsourcing offshore to destinations such as the Philippines, you have access to a huge talent pool where you can find experienced staff.

The Philippines is among the top 10 in the list of leading countries in offshore business services worldwide in 2021. The Philippines is a great remote staffing destination with its highly specialized labor pool, literacy and communication, culture, cost-effectiveness, and more.

In the Philippines, the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPM) Industry is moving up the value chain. The Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) includes in its Visions, Goals,Target and Milestones for 2022 a target of 73% of the workforce to be employed in mid to high-skilled jobs, up from 53% in 2016.

In addition, mid-skilled jobs are projected to grow from 452k FTEs in 2016 to 840k FTEs by 2022 while high-skill services have the potential to grow at an even faster rate, from 169k FTEs in 2016 to 478k FTEs by 2022.

Flexibility and Scalability

Businesses can create their own offshore subsidiary at any scale, at lesser overhead and associated costs.

Remote staffing providers usually offer cost-effective support with recruiting, management, IT support, and facilities, compliance and most of the systems at month-to-month, flexible contracts.


Remote staffing lets clients maintain control on the operations through enabling focus and scalability on core business process functions, providing centralized operations. You can assign remote staff to a dedicated account and the staff can be tapped as part of the dedicated offshore team.

In order to determine whether the person you hired is working or performing, established providers have productivity, utilization, real-time quality monitoring, and quantifiable measures critical to operations.

Remote staff can produce weekly utilization and productivity reports.

Standing IT support

Your remote staffing provider should be able to remotely monitor, support and integrate cloud-based connectivity platforms/systems and software with features such as built-in ticketing systems, support portals, and call and chat routing allowing the client to focus on core business processes and functions used by the client in their intra-day operations.

You can avail of quality IT services from experienced IT Support professionals.

Remote Staffing lets you partner with a service provider who will work with you on building, training, managing offshore staff that assimilate and work alongside the in-house team.

Services include payroll, tax, insurance, benefits, compliance, IT support, HR, recruiting, co-management support, facilities, and turnover co-management.

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