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Direct Booking Solution for an Entertainment Firm


When Hawaii’s largest and longest-running entertainment company needed to create a contact center, almost from scratch, it turned to Connext. For years, the client had relied upon booking by the event venues; however, changing market conditions required them to begin direct booking.


With a cast of premier performing artists and entertainers, the client was a standout success. But taking reservations from guests and tour companies, along with all the coordination required with the venues, was a whole new set of skills. Not only was it a tight labor market with high wages, but the management team had also limited experience in this new facet of operations.

As an additional challenge, the Connext staff had to become experts on Hawaiian and Polynesian culture, food, and entertainment, as well as the multiple logistics questions related to each venue.


The solution was found through extensive direct training by the client and a cloud-based contact center solution. The Connext team and the client worked closely together to hire experienced agents and to create a training plan focused heavily on product knowledge. Once the team was proficient with inbound calls, they took over coordination with the venues and are preparing to begin outbound activities. The Connext team managed the entire implementation of the Contact Center technology with continuous client input on all configuration decisions.


During a three-month period, the number of calls handled increased by over 60% resulting in consistently sold-out shows. With Connext’s innovative pricing strategy, the client was able to accomplish this at less than 50% of the industry average costs and still have the staff time necessary for coordination with the event venues.

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