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Customer Service Outsourcing: Types of Call Centers 

Call centers provide direct assistance to customers on their concerns at each point of the customer journey. Services in a call center range from providing customer service such as order processing, subscription renewals, to growing the customer base such as finding and converting leads, and even closing deals. Here are types of call centers in a customer service outsourcing setting:

Inbound Call Center

Inbound call centers receive incoming calls or inbound calls from customers.

Inbound call centers have customer service specialists skilled at efficiently addressing, handling issues and provide resolution to customer concerns and issues.

Read several types of inbound call center services that you can delegate to your customer service outsourcing provider on our previously published article.

Outbound Call Center

In an Outbound call center, customer service outsourcing specialists make the calls to customers and initiate contact for the purpose of growing the customer base. 

Other functions of an outbound call center are meeting personal/customer service team sales targets and call handling quota, and building and nurturing trust-based relationships.

Read our previously published article for a list of Outbound call center services you can assign to your customer service outsourcing provider.

Hybrid Call Center

Hybrid Call Centers integrate both inbound and outbound call center channels.

In a hybrid call center, there should be efficient management of inbound and outbound calls to be able to provide efficient customer service. This is possible through call routing features available in call center software. With call routing, agents can be assigned both inbound calls or outbound calls, or whatever calls are to be prioritized during a specific time frame.    

Multichannel Call Center

A multichannel call center has customer service agents who provide support across multiple customer communication channels like website, social media, phone, and messaging. Customer Service Agents are assigned to all activities and interactions on a particular customer communication channel only.

Omnichannel Call Center

75% of customers desire a consistent experience, regardless of how they engage a company (through social media, in person, by phone, etc.). (Salesforce

Omnichannel Call Centers deliver consistent customer service and enable smooth transition between customer communication channels and customer touchpoints such as website, social media, phone, messaging. This allows a personalized, seamless and improved customer experience.

Key features of Omnichannel Call Centers are providing real-time support and self-service options and integrated data-centric channels. Read more on how an Omnichannel Call Center can improve customer experience in our previous article.

Call center software contribute to effective call center service delivery, company-wide communications, transaction logs, and real-time monitoring and productivity. Some customer service software have advanced features such as real-time monitoring and reports, business intelligence, routing, real-time dashboards and API access. Intelligent call routing and real-time dashboard features in call center software make it possible for customer service outsourcing vendors to provide omnichannel support.

These customer service software enable productivity, efficiency and fosters healthy client relationships across all customer communication channels. Connext Global Solutions is a customer service outsourcing provider capable of working with and integrating current systems and software clients use and prefer in their day-to-day customer service processes.

Connext Global Solutions provides Excellent Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

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