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Customer Service Outsourcing: Improving Agents’ Performance

In Customer Service Outsourcing, delivering consistent and quality customer service across customer touchpoints is necessary in building and nurturing relationships.

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service. (HubSpot Research)

68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand known to offer good customer service experiences. (HubSpot)

It is therefore important to note that consistent and quality customer service across customer touchpoints is necessary in building sustainable relationships. Here are ways to improve agents’ performance in customer service outsourcing:

Provide One-on-one Feedback Sessions

Brief and assess customer service outsourcing performance reviews and look at ways to further improve processes and boost agent performance. Ongoing, real-time and regular feedback and monitoring, focus group discussions with process updates and action plans allow for an improved agent performance.

Leverage Data-driven Insights

Data-driven reports via business intelligence, data analytics and data science provide valuable customer service outsourcing insights which are critical for actionable solutions.

72% of companies believe they can use analytics reports to improve the customer experience. (Deloitte)

80% of companies use customer satisfaction scores to analyze customer experience and improve it. (Harvard Business Review)

Review client and internal performance metrics and reports such as customer service satisfaction scores, weekly utilization reports, employee productivity reports, comprehensive operational dashboard reports and forecast reports based on historical data.

Conduct Cloud-based and Onsite Agent training 

It is essential to train teams and get them onboard to ensure proper understanding and product knowledge. A structured training methodology done in close collaboration with the client is recommended. Look for a customer service outsourcing provider that conducts both onsite training and cloud-based training that utilizes cloud-based software and training systems to facilitate cooperation and boost performance between the executive team and the remote teams.

Training includes the technical aspect of getting agents onboard with new technologies such as cloud platforms, integration of innovative technologies, current software, and technology, such as desktop sharing, CRM software, cloud services, and VoIP.

Emphasize Focus in Providing Omnichannel Customer Support

75% of consumers look forward to a consistent experience across multiple engagement channels–social media, mobile, online, in-person, or through the phone. (Salesforce)

67% have used live chat, social media, or texting for customer service. 98% have used an FAQ, help center, or other self-serve online resources. (Zendesk)

Understand that there is a direct relation between technology and customers’ demands. There are countless communication channels where customers can reach you anytime, anywhere. Reinforce customer service outsourcing agents that they need to deliver fast yet consistent omnichannel customer support.

Connext Global Solutions helps Improve Agent Performance

Connext Global Solutions is a global staffing and business process outsourcing provider that builds industry best customer service outsourcing experience through our commitment to management philosophy and leadership development at all levels.

At Connext Global Solutions, we provide structured and transparent training with the client.

In the Connext Training Lab, we give access to some of the training resources we use as well as some insight into how we train our employees for optimum results. The company is fully capable to support current operating systems and software and ensures seamless integration and deployment of these software across our servers. This allows you to have a smooth delegation of inhouse operations to a customer service outsourcing provider.

Connext Global Solutions is equipped with secure state of the art monitoring and technology and industry-leading digital security systems and processes to support cloud-based connectivity platforms and systems to ensure seamless operations. 

Connext Global Solutions ensures excellent customer service and customer experience. Get started with Connext today.