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Business Process Outsourcing: Building a Customer-centric Call Center

According to the Technavio 2020-2024 report, the global call center outsourcing market is poised to grow by USD 14.05 billion during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of over 3% during the forecast period. 

The goal in customer service is to put customers first. This means delivering customer engagement and satisfaction. With the growing demand in customer service outsourcing, here are key features of a Customer-centric Call Center to help you get started:

Address the Customers’ Needs

Identify the customer needs.

Ensure the client’s needs are properly addressed by partnering with a business process outsourcing provider that can implement incentives properly aligned to your business.

In business process outsourcing, your customer service outsourcing provider must have the capability to adapt to their business process, provide excellent service delivery and offshoring management and look at opportunities that lead to customer experience and process improvement. This makes succeeding steps such as identifying talent needs, business processes, pain points, and concerns easier.

Call center software contribute to effective call center service delivery, company-wide communications, transaction logs, and real-time monitoring and productivity.

Connext Global Solutions is a customer service outsourcing provider capable of working with and integrating current systems and software clients use and prefer in their day-to-day customer service processes.

Map the Customer Service Outsourcing Journey

The delegation of business processes and services in customer service involves the direct assistance of customers at every point in the buyer journey. Call centers provide direct assistance to customers on their concerns at each point of the customer journey.

To add value to the business, call center providers must properly map the customer journey at each customer touchpoint such as website, social media, phone, messaging. This allows a personalized, seamless and improved customer service experience.

Connext Global Solutions is building industry best customer service outsourcing experience through its commitment to management philosophy and leadership development at all levels.

Connext Global Solutions manages your back-office functions so the client can focus on the core operations of the business. Connext handles business process outsourcing talent acquisition, management, and training for you. The company actively sources offshore talent required by the client. Comprehensive assessments, screening, testing, and interviewing are conducted by Connext, ensuring the client the highest level of talent from the pool.

Lessen overhead since we handle the people, facilities, rent, utilities, compliance and systems while allowing the client to own what is most important and unique to your business and unlock business growth.

Connext Global Solutions has implemented trust-based relationships and developed a unique organizational culture between globally distributed offshore business process outsourcing teams.

Here are some data to back this up:

  • 60% Client’s Average Cost Reduction
  • 98%Work Retention
  • 100%Client Retention Rate
  • 6+ Years handling Information
  • 0 Information or Security Incidents

Connext Global Solutions provides fully customized outsourcing solutions for organizations looking to innovate and grow. Build your customer service outsourcing workforce with Connext Global Solutions today.