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Outsourcing is typically seen as unreasonable by most mid to small size businesses because of the perceived scale at which it often occurs. In most cases, large companies, such as Amazon, Google, JP Morgan, outsource thousands of employees at once to streamline a process, save costs, or make operations more efficient. What most do not see is the many ways that outsourcing can be applied to everyday businesses. In today’s economy, outsourcing is a phenomenal resource, one that many businesses have not even considered, for taking advantage of growth opportunities or stabilizing your business.

Below are five of the most compelling reasons to outsource, especially given the current economic state.

  1. Cost Effective: Outsourcing is incredibly cost effective. In most cases, companies can save more than 50% on traditional staffing costs. The best part is, that these savings come at a quality level that is the same or sometimes higher than traditional staffing. Not to mention, technology and technology professionals are becoming much more sophisticated in common outsourcing locations, such as the Philippines, giving companies the ability to outsource high-level IT projects without paying mainland prices. The largest companies in the world, outsource and save millions of dollars on repeatable tasks that would otherwise cost them critical assets. These cost savings are not limited to large companies and can easily be applied to mid-sized business or even mom and pop establishments.
  • Easily Scalable: The scalability of outsourcing goes hand in hand with its cost effectiveness. As your business saves money with an offshore team, you can add more resources to your business without blowing the budget. Adding easy, low cost, high quality staffing makes growing your business much less intimidating and much more attainable. We have found that almost all of our clients, after initial outsourcing success, rapidly ramp up their outsourced employees in order to take advantage of opportunity, growth that second or third office, or add a new service to stay competitive in the market.
  • Low Risk: Another benefit of outsourcing is that it is incredibly low risk. Companies like Connext offer contracts that are more favorable than your Netflix subscription and have the potential to yield high returns for your business. You can start with 1 employee, on a month to month contract, and see how things play out, or commit to 10 employees for a year. Flexible and customized terms make outsourcing a very low risk investment for business owners while opening up their scaling potential.
  • Management Assistance: One of the added benefits of outsourcing, especially with a company like Connext, is the managerial assistance and consultation associated with building your offshore team. We work with many different types of clients and can oftentimes decipher what the best fit is for your business based off your goals, pain points, and initial requests. We tailor our services to meet your business needs and will likely add suggestions where we should add offshore talent or take it away to make your business as efficient as possible.
  • Untapped Talent Pool: In the era of globalization, mid-sized business owners need to take advantage of talent around the world. Employees in the Philippines are competent, hardworking, and fully capable of performing repeatable or highly technical tasks at a level equal to or higher than their American counterparts. Outsourcing employees are adapting to the current marketplace and are broadening their skillsets accordingly. We have employees building sophisticated RPAs (Robotic process automations), developing sales platforms, and managing highly technical data reporting for clients. The talent is there, waiting for business owners to benefit.  

Outsourcing is, once past the initial reservations, incredibly easy to start, scale, and manage. You can start your team as large or small as you want and grow as you see fit. Grow your business, save money, and gain access to talent that you never knew existed. It’s time to begin your outsourcing journey and re-imagine your workforce.

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