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Training Lab

Training Lab

At Connext Global Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service delivery. Part of that is hand-in-hand training with the client to ensure that all Connext employees are able to work in the Client specific processes and thrive at their position.

This meticulous training process results in a quicker ramp to full production and a better relationship with the client.

Connext ensures that the company delivers a great end-to-end outsourcing experience. Upon onboarding, Connext works through an onboarding checklist with the client which addresses resources such as system access, work schedule, quality plans, and training manuals. In the training lab, we give access to some of the training resources we use as well as some insight into how we train our employees for optimum results.

How is my team trained?

At Connext we structure training the same way that you would structure training for incoming local employees. We provide complete transparency and a structured training methodology which assures the client that a seamless delivery and workflow is established. We work through this process hand in hand with the client to ensure that all the details are discussed.

The purpose for this is so that your remote employees are trained and proficient in the same processes that you use in your business.

At first client engagement in training is highest and will significantly decrease over time as team members become more proficient time as team members become more proficient.


Screen, test, and interview based on client recruiting procedures or specific assessments

Study and test on client specific training aids and manuals

Screen share training sessions with client team (locally based client team would help train remote team on certain nuances of task not captured in task manuals)

As client adds remote employees, current remote team members will train incoming team members on client processes


Inaddition to client specific training, Connext offers regular training covering various subjects such as:

Business Skills

Communication Skills

Customer Service Skills

Management Skills

Technical Skills

Business Skills

Business Skills skills

Training Lab

Communication Skills

Training Lab

Customer Service Skills

Management Skills

Management Skills

Technical Skills

Technical Skills skills

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