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I am, a true Seattleite. Being born in South Seattle meant that ever since I was born, I have been a die-hard Seahawks fan, a consistent follower of the fledgling Mariners, and a true nonbeliever that the Super Sonics are now in Oklahoma City. Sports aside, one of my favorite parts about Seattle, other than the awesome culture, seafood, and coffee, is the craft beer. I know what you are thinking but I am serious, it’s very good.

One of my favorite parts about the local, hometown craft breweries is that they open everything up so that you can see just about every part of your process. There is something special about seeing how it was created, how it was made special, and how the entire system was built unique to every other with all the same end state of providing an ice-cold IPA to a happy customer. At Connext one of the things we pride ourselves on is our process. We aren’t an outsourcing firm, we are a people and process firm; we hire great people and we take the time to make sure that the process is perfect, and the result is an amazing product. One thing most people don’t appreciate or fail to see in good outsourcing firms is what goes into the process. What makes good outsourcing work and bad outsourcing fail? Why do I pay you guys to manage when I could just do it myself? Keep reading and I intend to lay out our process and show why, like a cold delicious beer, outsourcing can help you unwind and relax in an otherwise stressful business environment.

The Connext Process

  1. Discovery
  2. Recruiting
  3. Onboarding
  4. Evaluation, Management, Improvement

1. Discovery:

The discovery phase in the non-outsourcing model is arguably the most important part in the outsourcing process. During this phase we have an open dialogue with the client to figure out how we can address their needs. Critical to this process is being completely transparent about what we can and cannot offer and making sure that the client needs are properly addressed, even if that means referring the client to another outsourcing firm or local freelance company. We like to take the time to talk specifics about the client’s business processes, pain points, and hesitancies so that we can provide the best service option possible. For those businesses that our outsourcing for the first time, it is important to provide consulting on the best practices for outsourcing as well as things they should be aware of. We believe that this up front, honest discussion is crucial in ensuring that the outsourcing experience provides value for both the client and for us.

Major due outs of the discovery phase are a detailed job description fitting the clients exact needs, a list of next steps and time expectations, as well as introductions to the specific account management team that will be handling all of the clients questions, concerns, and requests.  

2. Recruiting:

The next phase in the non-outsourcing process is recruiting. Recruiting is self-explanatory and involves the Connext recruiting team actively sourcing the talent required by the client. Connext uses a multi-tiered recruitment process that filters out poor candidates and ensures that the client is getting the highest level of talent for the required position. The process is as follows:

  1. Initial Screening: Recruiter takes in resumes and screens for basic qualifications and requirements
  2. Assessment: If resume fits specifications, applicant will take two written tests, general aptitude and character, and one, artificial intelligence driven, verbal test to assess English proficiency. Background check accompanies all other tests.
  3. Operations Interview: Employee has standardized interview with Connext operations manager to assess overall proficiency and fit.
  4. Client Interview: Client has the option for final interview of the employee to make the final decision. We give the client the option however, we highly recommend it. It is incredibly helpful for the client to be able to listen to, interact with, and question their potential employee to ensure the best fit.

3. Onboarding:

Onboarding encompasses everything that we do at Connext to ensure that your outsourcing experience is great from the start. We work through an onboarding checklist which addresses things like system access, work schedule, quality plans, and training manuals. We work through this process hand in hand with the client, with complete transparency, so there are no details left out when their Connext employee starts working.

Having a meticulous onboarding process results in a quicker ramp to full production and a better relationship with the client.

4. Evaluation, Management, Improvement:

The last and final phase of the non-outsourcing model starts when the Connext employee starts working and is continuous for the duration of the client’s partnership with Connext. One of the special things about the Connext model is that the client always has full access to the executive team. This direct interface with the management team at Connext affords the client the ability to bring up management issues or concerns, requestion consultation, and provide feedback to make the service better.

 At Connext we are continuously evaluating our employees, monitoring their productivity, and reporting their key metrics to the client. This is consistent with our commitment to full transparency and leads to a more well-rounded service that truly enables client growth. If someone is under performing, we take the steps necessary to correct the issue and make it better. Our model of continuous improvement often leads to employees promoting to managerial levels within the same account and making a successful career with a singular client.

Connext is not an outsourcing company. We are a company focused on enabling the growth of our clients by doing whatever it takes to do so. The ability to do that, and do it successfully, relies on our people and our process. The people have always been great and now the process follows suit. If you are interested in growing your business with excellent processes and even better people, contact us today and learn how we can help.

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