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For accountants and accounting techs, generating financial reports requires a long series of tasks, often slow due to the need to connect directly to remote desktops designated for each company.  For one financial client, Connext saw the opportunity to use automation to improve the productivity, cycle time, accuracy and scalability for this one complex process.

Challenge: Complete Financial Reports Faster with Greater Accessibility

To generate an accurate report, Connext accountants had to complete a series of tasks using a combination of multiple screens, connecting to remotes and multiple application such as Quickbooks Desktop and an ETL (Export, Transform, Load) utility from each client’s remote desktop to update financial records to generate most updated financial reports. Once connected to the remote desktop, the accountants had to manually launch Quickbooks desktop to update the financial records, then launch the ETL to sync the updated data which usually takes 5-10 mins depending on the report being synched. Once sync is completed, accountants had to open data link viewer made from Crystal Reports to generate updated reports.  Connext believed the process was an ideal candidate for automation and proposed a proof of concept using robotics process automation (RPA) in combination with web application for reporting purposes.

Solution: Automate Communication to the Remote Desktop Through RPA and Centralize Reporting Platform

RPA allows companies to configure computer software known as a robot (or bot) to capture and interpret.  Using our version of RPA platform, Connext quickly mapped the process and built the model to automate the data sync, reports generation, and centralization of functions in one platform. The resulting solution used automated data synching to help specialist perform reports generation faster without the need to login to a remote desktop. The solution guided accountants in the next steps to generate the reports with ease.

For more information on Robot Process Automation and how Connext can implement automation solutions in your business, please visit out ConnextTech page. To learn more about how process automation can be applied to your specific business, book a call with one of our consultants here.

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