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Outsourcing Live Chat Services to the Philippines: What You Need to Know 


The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing outsourcing destinations in the world. The country has a large number of English-speaking workers as well as a thriving economy with an educated workforce that has access to all the latest technology. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to provide 24/7 customer support without overworking your team or draining your budget, consider outsourcing your company’s live chat services to the Philippines

Outsourcing Live Chat Services to the-Philippines
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The Philippines is a great place to outsource your customer support needs, particularly live chat. 

For many companies, outsourcing customer support to the Philippines has become a popular method of increasing productivity, streamlining processes, and reducing costs. It has become an ideal location for outsourcing due to its large number of highly skilled workers, lower labor costs than in other developing countries, and strong English skills among its population. 

What live chat services entail: 

Live chat is more time-sensitive than other types of support requests. — if you have a customer who needs help right away or has just made an order online, you want them answered quickly without being kept waiting for hours on end (or even suggesting that they call back later). 

Live chat involves fewer complicated issues than many other types of support requests. — instead of having someone work through a lengthy technical problem or help them troubleshoot something complicated over the phone or email, all they need are basic troubleshooting instructions so they can get back up and running quickly and easily. 

These needs can certainly be met if you have the right service provider in the Philippines who can meet your company’s equipment, processing, and staffing needs. 


Get to Know the Philippines 

The Philippines is an island country located in Southeast Asia, just north of Australia. The country consists of more than 7,000 islands and has a land area of 298,170 km2 making it the fifth largest island country in the world. 

It’s a densely populated country with more than 100 million people living there (ranked the thirteenth most populous in the world). Its climate is tropical and monsoon type characterized by two seasons: dry from November to April and wet from May to October.  

Although the country is primarily known for its beautiful beaches, the Philippines also has a thriving metropolitan area that’s home to approximately 13 million people. 

Metro Manila, the capital, is a thriving metropolitan area and a great place for outsourcing your live chat program because it allows you to find plenty of qualified candidates who can help you build up your team quickly. Likewise, all over the country, there are many emerging top destinations for outsourcing to choose from.  

Today, Filipino businesses are offering offshoring services to companies worldwide that are looking for virtual assistants, customer support specialists, bookkeepers, and other back-office employees. 

Offshoring is the practice of outsourcing a business function to another country. Offshoring has many benefits, including cost savings, increased efficiency, and better customer service. 

The Philippines is an excellent place to outsource your customer support needs because of its highly educated workforce who have excellent English skills. 

Many Filipinos speak excellent English. 

Filipinos are known for their excellent English skills. In fact, countries like South Korea even send their students to study the English language in The Philippines.

Likewise, Filipinos in general are often sought after by international companies because not only are they hard-working, but also for their ability to speak the English language. 

Live chat workers in the Philippines are known for their tenacity and deep understanding of multiple languages. In fact, there are over 120 spoken languages in the Philipinnes right now.  

Outsourcing live chat support jobs to the Philippines can be an affordable way to provide 24/7 service without overworking your team. 

Offshore outsourcing to the Philippines can be a cost-effective way to provide 24/7 customer service. Philippine workers are often hard-working, speak multiple languages, and have high levels of education and experience. Some of the reasons why you would want to outsource live chat support jobs to this part of the world include: 

  • The cost savings. — As an outsourcer in the Philippines, your business will have access to highly skilled workers that can work remotely at a fraction of what it would cost for onsite employees in North America or Europe. This gives you access to resources that would otherwise be inaccessible due to financial constraints. 
  • The quality level is high but affordable. — Business processing and outsourcing (BPO) jobs are highly sought-after in the Philippines, and that’s why BPO companies have stringent hiring policies to sort out the ones who truly have the right skills for the roles. 
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It’s important to remember that outsourcing live chat services to the Philippines can be a great option for businesses that need help with the process but want to save on costs. However, it’s not always the right thing for every company. Before making the decision to outsource your customer service department, make sure you weigh the pros and cons of doing so carefully. If you’re unsure about whether or not this strategy is right for your business needs, do your research so you can make the right choice for your company. 

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