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The working environment as we know it has changed for the foreseeable future. Most business have developed a recovery strategy to the pandemic and have been able to breath a collective sigh of relief but are now facing a different set of challenges as they transition to a fully remote workforce. Possibly the most challenging part of managing a remote workforce is facilitating the work performance that your organization is accustomed to. Employees are still working but are now subject to the Price is Right, barking dogs, crying children, and Zoom Happy Hour, all of which can be detrimental to the overall productivity of an organization if not managed properly. The question is how can you ensure that employees are executing their daily work and meeting the standards that are expected of them?  The answer is quite simple and does not require a fully re-structured remote workforce.

Remote staffing companies are experts at managing the remote workforce. This remote work concept is daunting to those who have never experienced it but for a company like Connext, who has been managing remote work for years, it is part of our everyday process. Connext has developed a simple three step system that allows us to expertly manage the efficiency of our employees and satisfy the expectations of our clients. The three pillars to this system are:

  1. Productivity
  2. Utilization
  3. Quality

Productivity is the most important measure of a remote employee. Productivity is the yards per carry or runs batted in of your remote employees. To optimize the efficiency of your team you must have metrics in place to keep a pulse on the output of your team. This simple implementation, which can be measured in a variety of ways, gives management the ability to view, assess, and make changes to the team, remotely, that will positively impact the organization. Productivity metrics allows you to tailor and build your remote team so that your business does not lose traction as we recover from COVID-19.

Utilization is a very simple metric that shows the amount of total work being done by your employees. Consider utilization the Innings Pitched or Minutes Played by your employees (apologies for the abundance of sports references). It tells management, how much your employees are working and can allow you to adjust your team accordingly, to ensure that the right employees are working the right number of hours and on the right tasks.

Quality is somewhat self-explanatory but needs to be measured against a pre-determined scale to properly manage remote work. Quality is something we use to drive incentives, bonuses, and to identify top performers. It allows us to further tailor our team for top performance. It is comparable to the Seattle Seahawks making Russel Wilson the highest paid Quarterback in the league because of his exemplary passer rating. Tracking quality scores will not only make your organization more effective but will also make your employees more driven to complete tasks and increase morale across your business.

Utilization, Productivity, and Quality are three very simple, measurable processes that should be implemented in your remote workforce to immediately produce positive results. By using procedures for accountability, you are not only making your business more efficient but are also bringing back a sense of normal in an otherwise chaotic time. I know, even for me, it is nice to have a little structure to fall back on to make my day as fulfilling as possible. Not only are you instilling a sense of purpose and direction in your remote employees but can also start to build back the culture and morale of your organization.

Eliminate your worries about your employees taking a surf break rather than completing their assigned tasks, start tracking their utilization, productivity, and quality today! For more information on these three metrics for improving your remote workforce, please check out our ‘Remote Workforce’ White Paper at

Much Mahalo.

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