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Offshore Security Consultants

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The vulnerability of information assets and security to threats is a primary concern of businesses. When a business plans to outsource, the objective is to secure their data entrusted to third-party service providers.

Established offshore staffing and business process outsourcing providers understand the importance of data protection and confidentiality. Your business process outsourcing provider needs to have proper and robust physical security (for your outsourced staff), cybersecurity, operating controls, and network infrastructure among others.

Offshore Security Analysts include confidentiality clauses in their contracts to ensure data is secure. Proper onboarding, continuous training and orientation are also conducted to address and continually reinforce observation of data protocols.

Connext Global Solutions is equipped with:

  • Biometric Security
  • 24/7 IT Support – our IT personnel provide proper technical knowledge, assistance, fault resolution and proper documentation of technical and process concerns of both the client and employees.
  • Full Background Check
  • No Data stored in our servers
  • On-Site Physical Security Teams and Cameras
  • Windows 10 & BitDefender for all employees
  • User Desktop Monitoring

The company has secure operating controls and processes for a seamless integration and deployment of these software across our servers.

Connext Global Solutions enables client growth with secure custom Philippine outsourcing solutions. Outsource to Connext Global Solutions today.

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