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Recruiting Phase

Recruiting Phase is the second phase in the process in the Connext Process. Recruiting involves the Connext recruiting team actively sourcing the talent required by the client. Connext uses a multi-tiered recruitment process that filters out poor candidates and ensures that the client is getting the highest level of talent for the required position. The process is as follows:

Initial Screening: Recruiter takes in resumes and screens for basic qualifications and requirements

Assessment: If resume fits specifications, applicant will take two written tests, general aptitude and character, and one, artificial intelligence driven, verbal test to assess English proficiency. Background check accompanies all other tests.

Operations Interview: Employee has standardized interview with Connext operations manager to assess overall proficiency and fit.

Client Interview:Client has the option for final interview of the employee to make the final decision. We give the client the option however, we highly recommend it. It is incredibly helpful for the client to be able to listen to, interact with, and question their potential employee to ensure the best fit.

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