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Improve Customer Experience with an Omnichannel Call Center

Technological innovations are everywhere. Almost all transactions, from personal to business-related ones, involve the use of technology. Technology is embedded in our daily lives.

We now have interactive voice responses (IVRs), smartphone assistants, and operating systems powered by innovative technologies such as Cloud computing/ unified communication service solutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Cyber Security. These are just some of the technological innovations that have flourished and have contributed to both the disruption and upgrade of the market. As technology continues to disrupt businesses, so have the customers’ buying habits and behaviors in utilizing technology in their respective transactions.  

In 2021, 44.5 percent of organizations worldwide revealed that they perceive customer experience (CX) as a primary competitive differentiator. (Statista Research Department)

Customers demand fast, responsive customer service and at the same time demand excellent customer service and customer experience. preference. Depending on the brand, these channels can range from social media platforms, in-app messaging, phone call, e-mail, live chat, chatbots, FAQs, or resource centers.

This is all possible through integrating Omnichannel Support.

What is Omnichannel call center support?

Omnichannel call center support is a type of support that delivers consistent customer service across all channels and customer touchpoints with the goal of delivering personalized, seamless and more importantly, an augmented customer experience.

In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers want an omnichannel experience with seamless service between communication channels. (Source: CX Today, 2019)

Omnichannel call center support is also a great tool for customer retention strategies.

89% of customers are retained by companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement. (Source: Invesp, 2019)

For those businesses that our outsourcing for the first time, it is important to provide consulting on the best practices for outsourcing as well as things they should be aware of. This is critical to providing a robust omnichannel support.

At Connext Global Solutions we have a so-called discovery phase with the client where we have an open dialogue with the client to figure out how we can address their needs. We talk specifics about the client’s business processes and workflow.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can ensure an efficient omnichannel call center support:

Adopt a Centralized Cloud computing solution

Business Process Outsourcing providers can provide seamless omnichannel call center support by with a centralized cloud-native data infrastructure already in place. Cloud computing allows for real-time data sharing and storage, workflow automation, accessibility and scalability, and fostering collaboration.

Cloud platform Technology and Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services allows for supervision in the cloud, innovations, agile operations and digital transformation. These new technologies improve cycle time and productivity of business operations, allowing for more productivity and thus increase output.

Businesses can benefit from Connext since the company utilizes cloud-based meeting technology such as cloud-based software and training systems to facilitate cooperation between the executive team and the remote teams.

Connext is equipped with secure state of the art monitoring and technology to support cloud-based connectivity platforms and systems to ensure seamless operations.

Integrate Channels into Customer service software

In order for omnichannel support to be effective, you need to fully integrate channels into the customer service software once introduced into the workflow. These software are used for effective contact center service delivery and efficient management of inbound and outbound calls, company-wide communications, transaction logs, and real-time monitoring and productivity. Some customer service software have advanced features such as real-time monitoring and reports, Business Intelligence, Routing, Real-time Dashboards and API Access. These customer service software enable productivity, efficiency and fosters healthy client relationships across all channels.

Connext is equipped with industry-best and secure technological operating controls and capabilities to integrate existing systems used by our clients for daily operations of the delegated Connext remote team

Map the Customer Experience Journey

In partnering with an omnichannel call center provider, mapping the customer experience journey is essential in order to understand your customers better. This involves in-depth analysis of tracking, monitoring and reporting customer touchpoints from channels real-time. 

Partnering with Connext comes the natural evolution of process clarity, process improvement, automation and digital transformation.

Self-service options

Make the most out of Artificial Intelligence by developing and programming chatbots that provide intelligent, algorithm-based, automated responses. Chatbots, when properly scripted and programmed, can solve real-time concerns of customers. Other essential collaterals or materials in aiding customers in their transactions are providing resource centers, in-depth FAQs, an insights database made accessible to customers. Self-service options are an important aspect contributing to business processing outsourcing providers’ overall customer experience.

At Connext we have a dedicated team of robotic process automation experts to automate key business processes and provide digital optimization to improve the productivity, cycle time, accuracy, and scalability and user experience. 

Consistency across channels and processes

Consistency is key to a seamless and improved customer experience.

In fact, 75% of consumers look forward to a consistent experience across multiple engagement channels–social media, mobile, online, in-person, or through the phone. (Source: Salesforce)

Connext Global Solutions is your Omnichannel Call Center

Connext is your omnichannel call center that provides custom offshore staffing and process solutions to improve the productivity, cycle time, accuracy, and scalability to enable digital transformation and customer experience

At Connext, we believe in our people and our leaders. Part of our service is giving our clients access to the best trained and most experienced service delivery managers in the entire business process outsourcing industry. Connext is building industry best client experience through its commitment to management philosophy and leadership development at all levels. We understand the clients’ need to rapidly scale operations in today’s dynamic business landscape. Clients start their own offshore (captive) teams with the scalable options to start we allow clients to start at any size and scale as they see fit.

Clients get the excellent custom outsourcing staffing and process solution at a much lower cost. There is a 60% reduction in the client’s average cost through outsourcing services via Connext. The company provides 24/7 support to clients and their dedicated offshore teams. 

Outsource with Connext today.

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