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How a leading IT expense management software company used Connext to help expand their global footprint

Discover how Connext helps clients build adaptive and flexible teams in the Philippines to help them thrive in any economic environment.

What does this client do?

This client is a leading IT expense management software solution provider.

What team was built and what do they do?

The client wanted to find a way to build business continuity through the Philippines while keeping costs low and leveraging a long term, trustworthy outsourcing partner.

The team currently:

  • Comprises of almost 50 employees
  • Supports multiple functions of the client business to include client support, development, help desk, and everything in between
  • Has plans to expand with the clients growth and continue to add new roles and functions to the Connext team

How much does the client pay for each team member?

The client pays a total of $1,200-$3,000 per month per team member based on the experience level of the employee. Client has employees performing tasks as simple as customer serving, ranging to high level software development and project management. This rate includes the employee salary, benefits, recruiting, insurance, office space, co-management support, employee engagement, and more.

How has the partnership gone thus far?

We began working with Connext approximately 7 months ago; they assessed our needs, provided recommended approaches to bringing on talent, and orchestrated all interview processes. They have also continued to be supportive post-hire through ongoing performance management. Connext was able to allow us to diversify the geographies we operated in extremely rapidly, standing up a core team in under 1 month and expanding from there 5-fold over the following 6 months across a wide variety of roles (client support, development, and everything in between).

Read the full review here.

Need to build a team like this too?

When you need to build highly effective, cross functional teams in the Philippines, reach out to Connext.

We are more than just an outsourcing company and help companies create the value of their own offshore subsidiary at any scale. We have helped clients fill roles in customer service, accounting, back office support, sales and marketing, healthcare, IT and engineering, and much more, all at 70% less than local wage rates.

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