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There are more than 10M job openings in the United States today and a significant number of those are coming from small and medium enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are constantly challenged by talent shortages, wage increases, and process challenges, thus can benefit greatly from using an outsourcing vendor to help them solve some of those problems. Let’s look at a few reasons why there is a need for outsourcing in the SME marketplace:

The Need for Outsourcing

  1. SMEs and high growth companies frequently face critical staffing challenges where they can’t find, retain, or pay for the talent they need to grow.
  2. Building a remote team requires consulting, process improvement, and management assistance that only an experienced partner can provide.
  3. Regional and local businesses are losing competitive advantage to larger companies that take advantage of the global talent pool and pay more for local talent.
  4. Building a remote team forces process improvement and is a gateway to digital transformation. Business growth, and even survival, for SMEs depends on efficiency and digital processes.

Next, current conditions have created an opportunity for SMEs to re-think their workforce and operational structure. If a company wants to look at outsourcing as a growth strategy for their business, the time is now. Here are a few reasons why the timing is perfect:

Why the Timing is Right to Outsource

Technology and Cloud Software – services like RingCentral and AWS give companies the ability to provision a remote worker in less than 30minutes. This was not the case several years ago.

Remote Work Mindset Shift – the pandemic has forced executives to re-think how and where work is done. Remote work is normal now.  If you’re in Seattle, does it matter if your employee is at home in Seattle, in Los Angeles, or Manila? Not Necessarily.

Nationwide Employee Shortage – there are more than 10 million job openings in the United States. Approximately half belong to the SME market and many can be filled by remote workers.

Experience Base of Global Workforce – offshore teams have been supporting large US companies for years now. These employees have experience from companies like Microsoft, Google, Comcast, JP Morgan, Ernst and Young, and more.  SME’s seldom have the chance to hire at this level in local markets

Finding a Vendor to Support

In conclusion, the need and timing are creating significant growth in the outsourcing industry. Most of this is due to larger companies scaling their offshore presence or setting up their own subsidiaries, however using outsourcing as a growth strategy should not be out of the question for SMEs. Companies like Connext exist to give SMEs access to exceptional remote teams. Anyone looking to build an offshore team of between 1 and 500 employees can absolutely do it! They just need a trusted vendor to help them along the way and create conditions for excellent outsourcing and high level growth.

Learn more about outsourcing and how it can help your business, book a call with one of our consultants today!