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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to rethink how to manage the workflow and the workforce. The future of work is all about building and managing a distributed workforce. With this changing workforce model comes the challenge of organizations of maintaining or developing a positive organizational culture and engagement.

According to insights firm Gallup, 20% of candidates are more likely to join a company that has strong values and a sense of purpose. Gallup also notes that a highly engaged organization can see 18% higher revenue per employee compared with the average. (Gallup)

In order for offshore teams to function properly, positive organizational culture and employee engagement should exist within an organization.

Prioritizing Employee Engagement

Connext Global Solutions believes in their people and leaders. The company prides itself in providing excellent outsourcing solutions through excellent service delivery.

Connext is a people-focused outsourcing organization and has also dedicated a lot of time and effort in employee satisfaction. With this the company maintains a unique organizational culture for their distributed workforce which sets them apart and results in low turnover.

In the recently held Connext Employee Satisfaction Survey last Q1 2021, 99% of Connext offshore teams and employees agree or strongly agree to recommend the company to their friends and colleagues.

In addition, 98% agree or strongly agree that the company provides clear and effective communication about the new normal. 99% of employees agree or strongly agree that they enjoy the company culture, and lastly, 98% agree or strongly agree that Connext has established guidelines and protocols to ensure workplace safety.

Connext has implemented trust-based relationships and developed a unique organizational culture between globally distributed offshore teams. The company provides the following positive employee engagement and organizational culture benefits.

Connext prides itself on its world-class work retention rate. The monthly average of employee retention during the first quarter of 2021 was 98.4%. There is notably low employee attrition from a working culture that has several key features.

Here are firsthand best practices in maintaining positive organizational culture, work environment and engagement throughout the pandemic and moving forward.

Regular Management Check-in Meetings/ Calls

Connext and its clients schedule regular check-in meetings calls. Bi-weekly catch-ups are recommended, if possible. Typical management check-in calls have an assigned 1:1 ratio between client staff and remote teams.

Management check-in calls can be done via cloud-based collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. Check-in meetings can be done via virtual conferences, or audio calls depending on the preference of parties involved. In the check-in calls, clients can touch base with their dedicated offshore team on performance metrics and productivity reports, current status of deliverables, concerns and issues. Additional support check-in calls can be done in between regular check-ins for clarifications or follow-ups on deliverables.

Continuous coaching and mentoring

Constant feedback allows for a more efficient workflow and allows for optimum employee and client experience. Each offshore team has an assigned service delivery manager to act as the dedicated point of contact of the client and is responsible in delivering client feedback and overseeing and managing the daily operations of the offshore team. Coaching and mentoring can be conducted in the following approaches: Ongoing feedback of client and service delivery manager, briefing of performance reviews and how to maintain or improve them, real-time quality monitoring and real-time monitoring and teach-back sessions. The following allow for a reasonable understanding to what the job is with productivity, utilization and quality metrics that need to be met on the part of the offshore team and allow for continued process improvement.

Ongoing reinforcement of client service and employee development

There should be reinforcement of an organizational culture of caring for employees. Show employee appreciation and contribution by awarding of employees based on their performance and milestones. This boosts employee morale and positive employee engagement.

Scheduling Company Activities

Holding departmental and company activities such as scheduled quarterly company-wide events, annual planned holiday events, team building activities and exercises, community engagement foster a positive working environment and inspires camaraderie among members of an offshore team.

Cascading Internal Company News and Events

Keep employees informed with current company-wide announcements, news and internal communications. It is vital for organizations to make it a point to send company insights, highlights and news via email or cloud-based collaboration platforms such as Teams, Slack or Skype.

Career planning and leadership development  

Weekly optional professional skills development training fosters skills specialization, professional development and career advancement.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Organizations must partner with an offshore team provider with a remote-ready outsourcing model. Even before the pandemic, Connext Global Solutions already had a remote-ready model in place. This benefits all parties- from the clients, leadership, management to the offshore team. Connext was able to effectively enable transition of at least 95% of its workforce from an onsite work setup to a fully functional work from home arrangement in approximately 48 hours, without client service disruption.  

The company is equipped with industry-leading digital security systems and processes for home office setup and distributed workforce support for all employees:

  • 24/7 IT Support 
  • On-Site Physical Security Teams and Cameras 
  • Biometric Security
  • Paperless office space
  • No Information/Data stored in servers
  • Windows 10 & virtual desktop software (BitDefender) for all employees
  • User Desktop Monitoring
  • SOC-2 Certified
  • Connext-to-Client window, a two-way configuration of digital cameras and closed-circuit television (CCTV) where Connext clients have access to real-time audio and visual connection with their offshore team members. This allows for more transparency and monitoring of the offshore team.

Connext understands technical and support requirements of companies. Secure digital systems and processes foster productivity within an offshore team. 

Connext Culture

Connext Global Solutions powers small and medium sized enterprises with customized solutions, from excellent staffing augmentation and process solutions that add value and unlock client growth. The client personally selects highly-qualified dedicated offshore team members to supplement their current staff.         

Connext offers modern outsourcing solutions focused on providing the overall client experience. The company does this through its commitment to management philosophy and leadership development at all levels: from excellent customer service, customer experience to employee experience. Connext clients are assured that their offshore team is provided the proper structure, training, support, and care from Connext.

Connext Global Solutions helps companies build custom, dedicated support teams in the Philippines. Learn more about Connext Global Solutions.

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