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Content Writing Outsourcing in the Philippines

Historically, the most popular functions to outsource to the Philippines have been customer service, data entry, medical billing, and other repetitive and predictable tasks. One of the rising trends, that we have even used ourselves, is content writing.

Content writing is the creation of articles, white papers, case studies, videos, and infographics. Content writing is mostly done to help improve search engine optimization (SEO), brand awareness, thought leadership, and ultimately generate more customers and revenue for an organization.

Outsourcing your content writing and creation to a company in the United States can be expensive. It is prohibitively expensive for most small and medium sized businesses. We know it was for us. We have seen some great success hiring dedicated content writers and digital marketing specialists in the Philippines to help promote our brand and thought leadership without breaking the bank.

Hiring a Content Writer in the Philippines

Hiring a dedicated content writer is fairly easy. Think about the type of profile you would hire locally. At Connext, we look for people who graduated from a top university with a degree in Business Administration or something similar, and the passion to write. Anyone with previous digital marketing or journalism experience is a plus. We also look for basic knowledge of SEO concepts like: keyword research and planning, interlinking strategy, and on page optimization. It turns out there is a large talent pool of these types of employees in the Philippines. We have hired several content writers for both Connext and our clients and all of them have been exceptional.

What guidance should I give my content writer?

The great thing about hiring a dedicated content writer is that you can give whatever guidance you would like. Our content writers are told to write 3-5 blog posts a week on high search intent topics that would be relevant to our ideal client profile. They also take initiative to write their own posts about industry outlook, employee engagements, and company culture. The keyword lists are given to them with some topic suggestions, and they take care of the rest – the writing, the posting, and even the promotion on social media. The result: organic search traffic has nearly doubled in the last 4 months.

Some other ideas for your Philippines content writer to work on:

  • Case studies on your most compelling client stories
    • Have them interview managers, clients, and employees to get details and testimonials
  • Employee success stories
    • Great for recruitment branding
  • Have them interview one of our busy executives for 1 hour each week
    • These one-hour interviews can create a ton of content: white papers, social media posts, blog articles, videos, etc. and are relatively low effort for your busy executives
  • Revise your web copy
  • Repurpose old content into new videos, graphics, and other snackable content.

Hiring a dedicated content writer in the Philippines can be an excellent way to grow your SEO presence, promote thought leadership, and improve revenue while saving you time and money. We help marketing, sales, and revenue leaders make their teams more effective by augmenting them with highly talented offshore professionals. Outsource your digital marketing to the Philippines.

If you want to learn more about how we have hired and deployed our content writers for ourselves, and clients, please contact us at