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The article introduces Connext, a company that offers an innovative remote staffing and process Solution to companies in Hawaii.

According to Hawaii Employers Council’s 2021 Employee Turnover & Sick Time Statistics Survey, of the one hundred forty-five (145) organizations surveyed, over one-third of participants (34.5%) reported that their staffing levels have been impacted due to COVID-19. Of the fifty organizations reporting an impact on employee count, most (82.0%) reported a decrease in their employee count.

To solve this prevailing problem in staffing and employee count given the constantly evolving labor market, organizations in Hawaii are looking at effective ways for growth while simultaneously attracting, validating and retaining the best talent.

Connext Global Solutions helps businesses solve the staffing challenges and enable client growth with their innovative remote staffing solutions. Established in Honolulu to support Hawaii clients, Connext Global Solutions has become a global enterprise with a growth rate exceeding 80%. Their Philippine-based client support centers are located in Angeles City, Pampanga and Clark Freeport Zone.

The company has seen 50% growth over the last year at a time when many local companies are having difficulty hiring help. Connext provides client-focused bespoke solutions to clients in Hawaii by providing highly talented remote staff for the perfect roles, white glove account management, work tools, operating facilities, process improvement and automation.

Connext builds, trains, and manages highly functioning custom outsourced teams thus enabling client growth and levels the playing field for clients. The client personally selects highly-qualified dedicated offshore team members to supplement their current staff. Connext then works hand in hand with the client to onboard the team members and provide training and insights the same way that clients would structure training for their incoming inhouse employees. The client can scale the team up or down they see fit and validate or retain as required.

Connext Global Solutions prides itself in providing excellent service delivery and remote staffing services to industries such as healthcare, real estate, finance and accounting departments, HR departments, customer service, IT and web development, back office support, and creative departments.

Connext prides itself on its world class retention rate. The monthly average of employee retention during the first quarter of 2021 was 98.4%.

Learn how remote staffing solutions are revolutionizing modern businesses in our insightful blog post, and see how Connext is leading this transformation in Hawaii.

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