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The global digital transformation market is projected to grow from $469.8 billion in 2020 to $1,009.8 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.5% during this period (Research&Markets, 2020). 65% of the world’s GDP is predicted to be digitized by 2022 (IMF, 2020).

IDC, a global market intelligence firm, predicts that 52% of global GDP will be driven by “digitally transformed” enterprises by 2023 and that within another year, 51% of IT budgets will be focused on digital innovation and transformation.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing to an offshore team is that with the partnership comes the natural evolution of process clarity, process improvement, automation and digitaliztion.

Now more than ever, mapping the digital transformation journey is the way to go.

Digital Transformation Enablers

Technology is a great enabler for digital transformation. It enables organizations automate their operational processes and lets them track, customize and report business processes real-time. Businessess look at new technological advancements that increase productivity, agility and scalability in operations.

According to Deloitte, as of 2021, 72% of Shared Service Centers have implemented Robotic Process Automation, 55% have a single instance Enterprise Resource Planning, and 53% have Cloud Services.

Cloud platform Technology and Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services allows for supervision in the cloud, innovations, agile operations and digital transformation. These new technologies improve cycle time and productivity of business operations, allowing for more productivity and thus increase output.

Teamwork makes Digital Transformation Work

Now that cloud platforms, cloud connectivity, cloud-based training systems are in place, another key enabler to digital transformation is hiring, training, and managing the right people for the right roles.

Digital transformation goes beyond software knowledge and requires a holistic approach of the key elements which are people, processes and technology. Collaboration is one such key element in the success of the digital transformation journey. It is collaboration that leverages this concept.

Connext actively sources the talent required by the client. Connext uses a multi-tiered recruitment process that ensures that the client is getting the highest level of talent for the required position.

The process includes screening, testing, and interviewing based on client recruiting procedures or specific assessments (included AI-driven tests), studying and testing on client specific training aids and manuals, conducting cloud connectivity training sessions with client team (locally based client team would help train remote team on certain nuances of task not captured in task manuals).

It is essential to train teams and get them onboard on new technologies such as cloud platforms to ensure proper understanding and product knowledge has been cascaded at all levels. A structured training methodology done in close collaboration with the client is recommended since the ultimate goal of digital transformation strategies is to benefit the customer and provide the end-to-end client experience.

Connext provides custom offshore staffing and process solutions to improve the productivity, cycle time, accuracy, and scalability to enable digital transformation and user experience. Outsource with Connext today.

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