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Considering hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines, but you’re not sure where to start?

In this article, we discuss two ways to find a virtual assistant and discuss the different ways you can pay your virtual assistant.

Best Payroll Practices and Options for Your Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Moreover, we provide some factors to consider when determining your Filipino virtual assistant’s salary. Understanding these factors will help you compensate your virtual assistant fairly and build a positive working relationship with them.

To help you find a virtual assistant in the Philippines, there are two ways:

Online marketplace

Online marketplaces let you hire skilled and experienced virtual assistants at hourly or project-based rates. Some marketplaces offer fixed prices. You can ensure whether the virtual assistant can provide the support you need since in online marketplaces, you can review their portfolio, rating, and client feedback.

Hiring Agencies

There are several hiring agencies in the Philippines that offer various cost-effective virtual assistant services such as administrative support, social media management, content creation, e-commerce support, and more. 

Virtual assistants go through a detailed screening process. Agencies provide training and administrative and technical support to their virtual assistants to make sure they are able to do their job properly.

Payroll for your Virtual Assistant: Ways to Provide Payroll for your VA

Virtual assistants typically offer various payment options to their clients based on their preference and convenience. Here are some commonly used payment modes for virtual assistant services:

Online Payment Platforms

Online payment platforms like PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, and others are widely used for virtual assistant payments. Clients can easily provide payroll through these platforms, which offer secure transactions and low transaction fees.

Bank Transfer

Clients can transfer the payment directly to the virtual assistant’s bank account using online banking facilities. This mode of payment is preferred by some clients who do not want to use third-party payment platforms.

Credit or Debit Card

Credit or debit card payments are also another option when paying virtual assistants. This can either be done via manual entry of the card details or through a payment gateway. It is important, however, that there may be a charge for an additional processing fee for this type of payment.

Mobile Payment Apps

Popular mobile payment apps like Google Pay, Cashapp and Venmo are a convenient way to make payments to virtual assistants. Processing payments via these apps are quick and easy, which is why this mode of payment is sometimes preferred.

The above options are usually done for virtual assistants hired through online marketplaces.

Hiring agencies, which are the second option to find virtual assistants, can process payroll themselves, so you don’t have to worry about fees when processing payroll for your virtual assistant.

Considered the legal employer, these hiring agencies can continue local hiring and provide comprehensive services such as handling Payroll Administration and Tax Compliance, Tax Filing, at the same time ensure local compliance in tax regulations and employment and hiring laws.

Frequency of payments for your Virtual Asisstant

Before they start working for you, how often you pay your virtual assistant should be one of the first things discussed and agreed upon between the both of you, or between you and the agency. Commonly, virtual assistants are paid either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. This payment schedule can vary depending your terms of agreement.

Some virtual assistants prefer to be paid on a weekly basis, as it helps them manage their finances better. Others may prefer a monthly payment schedule, as it provides them with a more stable income stream. Bi-weekly payments can also be a good option, as they allow for more frequent payments without the hassle of weekly payments.

It’s important to establish a clear payment schedule with your virtual assistant and stick to it consistently. Late or irregular payments can cause stress and frustration for your virtual assistant, which can affect the quality of their work. By setting clear expectations and following through with regular and timely payments, you can create a positive working relationship with your virtual assistant.

Factors to Consider for Your Filipino Virtual Assistant’s Salary

Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant can be a great way to save time and increase productivity, but it’s important to consider the appropriate salary to ensure that you are compensating them fairly. Here are some things to consider when determining your Filipino virtual assistant’s salary:

Market rates

It’s important to research the current market rates for virtual assistants in the Philippines to get an idea of what is reasonable. This can help you avoid overpaying or underpaying your virtual assistant.

Baseline Virtual Assistant Rates

To give you a baseline of how much Virtual Assistants in the Philippines earn, here are General Virtual Assistant (Entry-Level) Average base salaries based on the Dollar to Philippine Peso Exchange Rate as of April 29, 2023:

Glassdoor: ₱22,500/Month or USD 380.60/Month or USD 2.38/Hr

Indeed: ₱27,339/Month or USD 525.91/Month or USD 3.28/Hr

Payscale: ₱ 28,094.66/Month or USD 508.80/Month or USD 3.17/Hr

Online marketplaces and hiring agencies can offer from USD 3/Hr to up to 20/Hr depending on the experience, specialization and qualifications of the Virtual Assistant.

You should also review the cost of living in the Philippines, which is lower compared to other countries. Your virtual assistant should be compensated fairly based on this. Consider paying a competitive salary in line with market rates and cost of living in their country.

Experience and skillset

The level of experience and skillset required for the virtual assistant role can influence the salary you offer.

A higher degree of skills or experience of a virtual assistant means a higher salary than an entry-level VA.

A virtual assistant who has a skill set in digital marketing or graphic design may ask for a higher salary than someone who is performing general administrative functions. A VA with proven track record and years of experience may also require higher compensation or hourly rates.

Another consideration when paying virtual assistants is to consider the scope of work and the level of expertise that the role demands. You want to make sure that you are compensating them fairly for their experience and skillset, while also staying within your budget. You can research the market rates for virtual assistants with similar experience and skillsets to get an idea of what is reasonable.

When hiring a virtual assistant, it’s also important to determine the number of hours they will be working each week or month. This will help you calculate their hourly rate based on their monthly salary, which can help ensure that you are paying them fairly for the time they are putting in.

For example, if you are hiring a virtual assistant to work full-time, which is typically around 40 hours per week, you would need to calculate their monthly salary based on this full-time schedule. Once you have determined their monthly salary, you can divide it by the number of hours they will be working to get their hourly rate.

It’s important to ensure that you are paying your virtual assistant fairly for the time they are putting in. Offering a low hourly rate or expecting them to work long hours without fair compensation can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, paying them a fair hourly rate can help motivate them to perform at their best and can lead to a positive working relationship.


The benefits for your virtual assistant can help you attract and retain quality talent. These incentives that are available to your virtual assistants, and any eligibility requirements should be discussed and agreed upon with your VA even before they provide services to you.

Examples of benefits you can offer are health insurance, paid time off, or performance bonuses, which provide motivation and boost morale of your virtual asisstants.

These benefits can give differentiate you from other employers and let your virtual assistant know that you value them.

When determining which benefits and perks to offer, it’s important to consider your budget and what is most important to your virtual assistant. By offering attractive benefits and perks, you can create a positive working environment and attract and retain top talent.


You can find a virtual assistant in the Philippines either through online marketplaces and hiring agencies. Whichever option you choose, both let you hire virtual assistants at cost-effective rates.

Several factors need to be considered when paying your virtual assistant. Establish a clear payment schedule, consider what the current market rates and cost of living are, review relevant skills and experience for them to be compensated fairly and consistently.

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