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Offshoring is the innovative practice of basing in-house business processes, especially those that are non-core, to a provider that has service capabilities that are relatively cost-effective. Some sample offshore roles are labor services such as staffing solutions for roles ranging from customer service, back-office to software and application development.

With dedicated offshore teams that provide business process support, organizations can focus on the core business processes, reduce cost structures and improve overall productivity, among others.

Below are key elements to look for in offshore teams.


Organizations must establish and develop a structured implementation to leverage the services of offshore teams. There must be comprehensive understanding and thought and structured planning and process documentation of the roadmap and methodology on the part of organizations looking to assign functions to teams. Resources such as system access, work schedules, quality plans, and training manuals should be provided to offshoring teams.

Organizations must also look for offshore teams with the capability to adapt to their business process, provide excellent service delivery and offshoring management and look at opportunities that lead to process improvement. These result in a quicker ramp to full production.


Partnering with offshore teams means building a relationship and establishing a level of trust. The perfect offshoring team provider understands the responsibility of properly securing confidential or private data entrusted to them.

Compliance can range from auditing processes, operational controls, industry-leading digital security systems such as user desktop monitoring to cybersecurity software implementation. Compliance to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy should be met by offshore teams in all aspects critical to the business.


Offshore teams must be capable of ensuring client and internal reports that are generated accurately (weekly, monthly, and quarterly, depending on the clients’ preference) and on time. Sample reports that can be produced by offshore teams are weekly utilization reports, employee productivity reports, forecast reports based on historical data, pivot tables, pivot charts and business intelligence reports such as comprehensive operational dashboard reports.


Partner with offshore teams that have highly experienced leaders skilled in people management, quality monitoring and continuous process improvement.

Aligned client and Connext management leadership mindset enable high-performing teams. Connext Global Solutions manages offshore teams with the same approach as the clients to make sure the performance matches or exceeds that of the clients’ inhouse teams.

Connext Global Solutions integrates the four key components of offshore teams with active management and excellent staffing solutions to add value and unlock client growth. Learn more about the company’s custom Offshoring solutions today.

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